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Cuéntame cómo lo ves: Metaphors, Storytelling, and Medicine in the Lati 

Stories and metaphor are ubiquitous in our daily lives. We share stories over dinner, in classrooms we read canonical short stories in print, and we download stories and listen to them in a variety of digital formats for enjoyment. But what exactly are the roles that these stories play in our lives? To that end, metaphors are not only descriptors of language but descriptors of thought and thought processes, making the abstract ideas more concrete. So how do we shape our worldviews using metaphors? In this investigation I will reveal the importance of storytelling for communication, specifically with and within Latino communities and explore possible applications for the development of cultural literacy on the part of the practitioner and health literacy on the part of the patient. At its core, this project has three primary objectives: 1. Design and implement a community literacy program, 2. Understand the conceptual metaphors articulated by the Latino learners of a story that create their worldview in the framework of the public humanities, popular education, and narrative medicine, and 3. Lay the groundwork for sustainable community project to be continued beyond this project.

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