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Ultrafast Two-dimensional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for Applications in the Curing of Paint 

The drying of paint films is a long and complex process, with chemical changes continuing within the paint long after the paint feels dry. These chemical changes (e.g. molecular cross-linking) alter physical properties of paint (e.g. rigidity). Conservationists and conservation scientists are interested in these physical properties, but characterizing the physical properties of paint films in a non-invasive way is challenging, particularly for large or immobile paintings. Single-sided nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a technique that uses small, portable instrumentation and allows us to look at objects like paintings both on and below the surface by characterizing their physio-chemical properties with the benefit of never having to touch the painting. I will apply a new experiment type in single-sided NMR, called "ultrafast," to characterize curing properties of molecular cross-linking in paint films and paintings. I will approach this problem in two ways: first by implementing a new experiment to directly measure molecular cross-linking in paint films, and then through applying this method (among others) to evaluate cross-linking in paint films over time.

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