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This campaign ended on June 25, 2017, but you can still make a gift to William & Mary by clicking here!

Where do you truly belong? At William & Mary, of course — but can you be more specific? Show us what really drives your Tribe Pride. Make a gift of any size to the Fund for William & Mary by June 30 to cast your vote!

What makes William & Mary special?

It is a university like no other – a place that holds our memories and indelibly captures our hearts. It is a part of who we are and who we are yet to become.

William & Mary is special for many reasons – the educational experience, the relationships that you forged with other students and faculty, and a campus that’s both ancient and new. But it’s also more than which dorm you lived in as a freshman, which team you played for or the major listed on your diploma. Every place, every tradition and every William & Mary moment helps define us.

What about the things that didn’t make it onto your official transcript?

Cast your vote — along with a gift of any size — to show which of the following groups you identify with and what  drives your Tribe Pride. In doing so, you’ll help make William & Mary even more special for now and evermore by helping us reach 31 percent undergraduate alumni participation by June 30.

Who were you while you were here? 

Backwards Walkers

o   Charged with introducing prospective students to campus, you had eyes in the back of your head and never once caught your heel on a brick.

Mug Nighters

o   Monday classes were tough, but Sunday nights were legendary.

Wren 10 Singers

o   Before American Idol, there were Wednesday nights at the Wren and the Gentlemen of the College.

Palace Wall Jumpers

o   One down, two to go.

Graduation Beach Ball Throwers

o   You earned that celebration, and maybe took it a bit too far.

Last Day of Classes Celebrators

o   Inflatables on the sunken garden, the intervarsity pancake house, and free t-shirts for blowing a 0.0 – all in the name of celebrating the last day of classes.

Tribe Super Fans

o   Ever painted yourself Green and Gold to cheer on the women’s gymnastics team? That’s who we’re talking about.

Sunken Garden Streakers

o   Bared it all in the name of completing the W&M triathlon – Don’t worry, the statute of limitation has most likely expired.

Crim Dell Swimmers

o   If you’ve completed the third leg of the W&M triathlon by swimming – or attempting to not contract Hepatitis - in the Crim Dell.

Daily Grinders

o   For those that took their days at W&M one Americano at a time.

Convocation Clappers

o   Those freshman were going to feel welcome, and you made sure of it.

Intramural Champions

o   You may have not made the SportsCenter Top 10, but you earned that t-shirt with that kickball homerun and people need to remember that.

Green Machine Passengers

o   Who needs Uber when you’ve got the Green Machine to get you around campus and the ‘Burg.

Bell Ringers

o   You pulled the cord honoring your final LDOC and your time at W&M as a student.

Barksdale Sunbathers

o   No time to go to Jamestown Beach? No problem, Barksdale has you covered.


o   Did you spend more time in Swem than your dorm room reading the same sentence in your econ book six times, Facebooking, making movies in the media center, poring over tomes of knowledge, or taking excessive coffee breaks?

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