FGLI Students of William & Mary

This campaign ended on December 31, 2019, but you can still make a gift to William & Mary by clicking here!

William & Mary has the highest median income and one of the lowest proportions of Pell Grant students of all public colleges in the country (Chetty, Friedman, Saez, Turner, & Yagan, 2017; NCES, 2019). As seen with the most recent US News & World Report Rankings (2020), "social mobility" is not currently our strength as an institution.

We want to change this. FGLI (first-gen/low-income) Students of William & Mary will provide support, programming, and community to this special group of students. While we don't have the ability to enroll more first-generation/low-income college students, this group *does* have the ability to provide much needed support to these students at William & Mary.

This year will be spent organizing and scaling support efforts within the small but vibrant FGLI community and raising awareness across campus that this student population exists.

Agency: William & Mary (BOV)

Fund: FGLI (first-gen/low-income) Students of William & Mary

Purpose: To provide support initiatives for first generation, low-income (FGLI) students at William & Mary, including marketing and events.

Fund Administrator: Dean, Arts & Sciences

Goal Not Met: scale down programming

Goal Exceeded: increase programming

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1996 2$275
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1993 1$250
1967 1$150
2014 2$75
2011 2$67
2019 4$65
2021 2$60
2015 1$50
1992 1$50
1971 1$50
2017 2$50
2013 2$45
2016 2$25
1976 1$25
2012 1$25
2024 1$15

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