FASA Culture Night

This campaign ended on December 15, 2017, but you can still make a gift to William & Mary by clicking here!

Our club is committed to self-education on current and historical Filipino issues both in the Philippines and in the United States, as well as expanding information and cultural aspects to the general public both on campus and in the surrounding Williamsburg community. This is crucial to ensuring respectful discourse surrounding Filipino identity and politics and guaranteeing proper representation of Filipinos and Filipino Americans in our society.  This outreach to the wider community is embodied by our open-to-the-public annual culture night which, if sufficiently funded, can raise awareness about not only the Filipino American Student Association, but about the Filipino American experience in general, all delivered in an exciting and community-filled night. The whole event will be oriented towards cultural awareness, promotion and education, which comprise the major principles of FASA’s founding documents. Receiving funding will allow us to invest in new materials including props, tinikling sticks (traditional dance), costumes, and other pertinent updates.  These investments will make for a more enriching experience for both the members and the audience.  If we reach our goal, we can afford these long-term investments in addition to making our culture night more affordable so that we maximize accessibility and incentivize more people to enjoy this rich and stellar experience.  If we fall short of our goal through Tribefunding, we will look to other avenues including more events funding from the Student Assembly or through sponsorships by local businesses and entrepreneurs that are stakeholders in the Filipino-American community.

FASA Culture Night

To provide support for the Filipino American Student Assembly’s annual Culture Night events and programming, as well as funding for investments, logistics and promotions for various functions and joint cultural programs throughout the year.


Less funding for investments in materials and logistics for events/functions throughout the year. Less likely to reduce admissions costs.

Continuing investments in materials as well as advertising to expand audience membership and general awareness of FASA and its mission. Ability to engage more meaningfully with the external community and collaborate with other Filipino organizations in other schools across the state and region.

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1989 1$25
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1999 1$25
2000 2$50
2010 1$200
2014 1$10
2016 1$25
2017 3$150
2018 1$20
2019 1$30
2020 5$105
2021 1$200

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