Emma Diduch (3283)

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Title: Worthy Widows, Feckless Fathers, and Innocent Babes:  Defining the Deserving Poor in Early Industrial England

Description: The careful administration of the English Poor Laws as well as the distribution of charity by parishes reflected a recognition of the need to alleviate the effects of persistent poverty, with a concurrent anxiety about the potential disasters of indirectly rewarding immoral behavior among the lower classes through indiscriminate allocation of relief. My research interests are centered on how the decisions of overseers and churchwardens reflected their ideological conceptions of poverty and varying definitions of the âœdeserving poor. How might the identity of individuals determining the distribution of poor relief and charity affect their characterization of which groups were deserving of their ministrations?

Hometown: Staunton, Virginia

Department: History

Advisor: Amy Limoncelli

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