Creative Careers in NYC Trip

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Purpose: To provide support for an industry immersion trip for William & Mary students interested in creative careers.

The Creative Careers in NYC Trip is an immersion program that will provide opportunities for career exploration and networking for any current student. Over the course of several days, students will visit employers from a variety of industries such as art, music, fashion, film/TV, publishing, and museums to see the behind-the-scenes operations and discover potential career paths. Employer hosts will include alumni working in creative careers so students can see how W&M has made inroads into these competitive industries. This trip is important since recruiting for these industries is based on relationships and it is to students’ benefit to start networking and gaining practical experience early on. The full amount of $15,000 would enable us to provide a low-to-no cost experience for about 20 students by covering costs such as hotel, meals, and in-city transportation. The trip will be open to all current students of good standing, all majors and class years.

Goal Not Met: Higher cost for students to participate with some students unable to take part in the trip.

Goal Exceeded: Additional funds will provide support for future trips and more opportunities for students to explore creative careers.

Department: Cohen Career Center

Advisor: Anna Umbreit



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Lonny Behar
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Kathleen I. Powell

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