American Bosnian Collaboration Project 2019

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The American Bosnian Collaboration Project is William & Mary’s oldest and longest-running service-learning venture. This award winning project aims to facilitate better educational opportunities in Bosnia & Herzegovina by working with children to improve their intercultural communication skills. Each summer, undergraduate students from William & Mary travel to Sarajevo, Bosnia to work with our local partner Creativus to co-teach with Masters of Education students at the University of Sarajevo. Together they run a month-long summer camp centered on the use of filmmaking and active learning with the intent of making these skills accessible to the children participating in the project. This program provides an inclusive environment for students of different backgrounds to come together and learn about crucial topics such as non-violent communication, sustainability, English language skills, and diversity, which they would not have the opportunity to learn about elsewhere. In addition, through self-designed films the students are able to showcase the country of Bosnia, an area that has largely been underrepresented in the media since the war in the mid-1990s.

The power of the ABC Project lies in its ability to build on itself over time. The Bosnian and W&M alumni continually work to make each year of the collaboration better than the previous, in order to ultimately improve the post-war effort and give Bosnian children the ability to express themselves in a way that their traditional education system does not allow. In addition, the project benefits the W&M participants, who are able to improve their intercultural communication skills through working with co-teachers and other Creativus workers. The skills that these students develop while working in Bosnia will prepare them for a more global minded career. This project is run solely on donations and grants, and in order for it to adhere to its original intentions, no Bosnian family pays any out of pocket costs in order for their child to attend the camp. Because of this, the program relies heavily on contributions from initiatives like Tribe Funding to make sure that every child is able to enjoy the experience, regardless of their financial situation.

Strong Bosnian partnerships and administrative support enable the ABC Project to operate efficiently—the cost of running the camp and sending five W&M students to Sarajevo for one month each summer is $20,000. A donation of $3,000 would equate the cost of sponsoring one W&M student teaching volunteer to Bosnia for the duration of the four-week summer program. A donation of $100 would immensely help cover the cost of creative materials necessary for one of our experientially focused classrooms. Generally our funds are used to compensate host families who provide student housing, transportation for volunteer teachers, a stipend for Bosnian co-teachers, classroom space rentals, classroom materials (especially arts and craft supplies that cannot be obtained there), and any other unplanned expenses. Furthermore, a fair amount of the money raised is used to pay for children to attend the program. One of the defining characteristics of the project is its emphasis on inclusiveness and diversity, and allowing the children to participate for free is of the utmost importance to all involved in the ABC Project.

Agency & Type: William & Mary – Expendable

Fund: American Bosnian Collaboration (4407) 

Agency & Type: William & Mary – Expendable

Fund: American Bosnian Collaboration (4407)  To provide support for at least one William & Mary student volunteer to participate in the Bosnia project. Any additional funds may be used to provide program support.

Goal: $3,500

Goal Not Met: Apply funds raised toward program support.

Goal Exceeded: Additional funds would be designated for program support and a possible increase in the number of Bosnian children accepted into the program. 

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