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Food Insecurity in the Hanover Community: How Data Collection can Improve Community Policy

By Allison Greenday

Hometown: Mechanicsville, Virginia

Department: Public Policy

Advisor: John McGlennon


My research will focus on how local governments can use data collection methods to formulate practical, targeted policies for their specific communities through a case study of a survey run in Hanover County, VA. The survey will be distributed to food pantries and similar charitable organizations and collect data about the conditions surrounding food insecurity, leading to policy suggestions customized for the Hanover community.


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Thank You

Hello everyone!

The campaign is officially over, and I would just like to say a sincere thank you to all of you for your support. Over the past month, we raised $1,300! This money will enable me to carry out my research this summer and make a real impact in my hometown.

From the outset, this campaign has been about community investment. The fundraising is over; now the real work begins. Over the summer I will travel around to various Hanover pantries to answer any questions participants may have and promote the survey. When the data is in, I'll run analysis and brainstorm practical, effective solutions to address the trends I find. And as always, contributing to food pantries is a wonderful way to continue investing in your communities. Whether it's just dropping off some fresh produce or stopping by for a volunteer shift, supporting these invaluable organizations is a wonderful way to pitch in and ensure that everyone has access to plenty of healthy food. (Bonus: you can always buy fresh produce from local farmers and support them, while you're at it!)

Thank you all, again, for supporting this research. This is far more than a school project - this is about meeting our neighbors where they are and working together to make our communities stronger, brighter, and healthier.

All the best,


1994 days ago by Allison Greenday
4 More Days!

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend! To those of you who recently donated, I want to extend my warmest thanks. To all of you who have been following my campaign from the beginning or for any amount of time: thanks to you, as well, for your continued support. We have raised nearly $1,200 and are coming in nicely to the finish line.

With only four days left in the campaign, it's time for one final push. Please continue to share this project (even after the fundraising ends!) with your peers and consider setting up a matching donation or challenge. This project is all about investing in our communities and helping our neighbors, and I am so pleased to have such a strong network of support in this endeavor. 

Please continue engaging with your local food pantries and other charitable organizations. For some people, they are welcomed sources of help; for others, they are nothing short of a lifeline. I hope to aid them in their efforts with my research, but there is so much you can do now to help directly, even if it is something as simple as dropping off a bushel of apples or a head of lettuce.

All the best,


2000 days ago by Allison Greenday
Onwards and Upwards


Thanks to everyone for your support of this project. We have officially reached (and passed) $1,000! This money will cover the costs of printing out and distributing surveys, envelopes, and stamps, making my research much more accessible to participants on a tight schedule. 

But there are only 11 days left to reach the $6,000 goal. Please share my project with your friends, family, and coworkers and spread the word about what we are trying to do. Every donation helps us get closer to practical policies built for real communities and real people. If you want to increase your impact, consider setting up a matching gift or offering a challenge.

Above all, remember to support your local food banks and pantries. They always need fresh produce and enthusiastic volunteers, and the services they provide are invaluable.

Thank you, and stay tuned as we strive onwards and upwards to raise money for community-based research and real world solutions.

All the best,


2007 days ago by Allison Greenday
Almost Halfway Through And Going Strong

Hello everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank each and every one of you for donating to this campaign. My research this summer will go towards building stronger, healthier communities, and your investment means the world not only to me, but to every person this project helps. 

With just 18 days left to reach our goal of $6,000, it's time to buckle down. We are 14% of the way there, and momentum is growing by the day! You have already helped so much, but if you are interested in seeing this project grow, here's what you can do:

  • Share this campaign with friends, family, or coworkers you think would be interested in this research
  • Share to social media with #CommunityInvestment to let your networks know what they can do to support their communities
  • Offer a matching gift or challenge to multiply your impact
  • Donate to a local food drive or pantry, and remember: fresh produce is always needed!

Helping our neighbors begins and ends with us. By contributing to this project, you are investing in community-based solutions to community-based problems.

All the best,


2013 days ago by Allison Greenday

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