WSU College of Fine Arts Dean's Fund

This campaign ended on April 25, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Wichita State University by clicking here!

Congratulations! Your generosity got us the $500 we needed to maximize a donor's match. Now, we just need to finish strong to make it all the way to our goal of $2,000. Check out the information below to find out how important your support is. Give now to have a major impact!

Help Dr. Rodney Miller, Dean of the WSU College of Fine Arts, make a difference in the lives of hundreds of students by helping us raise the most money we ever have for the College of Fine Arts Dean's Fund for Excellence!

By making a gift to the Fine Arts Dean's Fund, you are providing Dr. Miller with funds necessary to have the greatest impact on students by improving their college experience in many ways. The College of Fine Arts has a huge number of projects and activities needing support outside of the normal budget. Here are just a few of many areas dependent upon assistance from the Dean's Fund:

  1. Supplemental funding for large-scale productions of musicals, operas and dance productions. The best experience for students and attendees is often attained when they don't have to get by on a shoe-string budget.
  2. Emergency funding for students in need through scholarships and assistance with expensive instruments.
  3. Sponsorship of student and faculty initiatives with the community, such as "Empty Bowls," a grassroots movement to help end hunger.
  4. Purchase of computers, instruments and other equipment for classroom instruction.
  5. Support of faculty and student experiential travel - providing real world experience that cannot be replicated.

While that is just a handful of uses for the Dean's Fund, there is no shortage of projects that are constantly in need of assistance. Of course, with so much need, there are never enough dollars to go around - and this is where you come in!

You can help Dr. Miller really make a difference for the students by supporting the Dean's Fund. Just because we've established a modest goal for this particular project, doesn't change the fact that we need to raise about another $10,000 to meet our goal for Fine Arts by the end of the school year. There's no doubt we can far exceed our $2,000 project goal - the question is...can you help us meet our overall goal?  We believe you can!



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1956 1$30
1964 1$30
1966 1$50
1971 1$75
1973 1$100
1975 1$20
1982 2$70
1988 1$50
1989 1$30
1992 1$15
1993 1$20
1997 1$100
2001 1$50
2005 1$35
2011 1$50
2021 1$50

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