Moose Bucks Challenge

This campaign ended on May 24, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Westtown School by clicking here!

Your Moose Bucks Challenge is back and this year it's more challenge-y than ever! Last year we received 122 gifts from alumni Classes of 1995-2015 in one month. This year, the stakes have been raised...

We only have ONE WEEK to receive 50 new gifts for the Westtown Fund! Can our beloved moose inspire you to help us hit our goal?! A gift of any size brings us closer and shows that you want current students to have the same formative Westtown experience you received. Even small gifts send a big message.

The class with the highest participation at the end of the week will be thanked in a special video featuring the Westtown Moose (and, of course, have exclusive bragging rights until next year!) Click the 'Donors' tab to view the current standings.

Hurry, the Moose Bucks Challenge ends on May 24 @ 11:59pm!

If you can inspire two or more of your fellow Westonians to join you in making a gift, we'll send you a Westtown Moose keychain!

Click on the 'Advocates' tab to get started



Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students
2016 13$2,349
2015 6$275
2014 15$2,050
2013 11$150
2012 12$528
2011 10$2,042
2010 9$684
2009 5$205
2008 26$2,973
2007 13$914
2006 15$1,141
2005 11$3,136
2004 17$1,627
2003 15$5,216
2002 24$2,696
2001 9$2,390
2000 12$1,707
1999 9$2,680
1998 12$1,715
1997 11$16,449
1996 11$3,826

Donor affiliations

393% Alumni

Show Alumni

2% Students

Show Students

Donor list

Marcia Shives
Robin Tuttle
Rebecca and Adam Gibboney
Juliana Lozano
Sarah Muhlenberg
Lindsay Necarsulmer
Stephen Wortman
Meredith Chalfant Roberts
Andrew J Van
Laura B. Sullivan
William Rives Elliot
Charlotte K Parry-Okeden
Charie Evans
Liam Fahey
Laurel Swan photoLaurel Swan
Laura Bitner Ryan
Alan Baldivieso
Cara A. Witt-Landefeld
Elizabeth Bailey
Jiho Sohn
Lesley A Collins
Kim, Sung Wook, David
Anika A Taylor
Dominique Debucquoy-Dodley
Andy Rafter
Andrew La Manna
Madison McKee
Erika Davies Swarthout
Franklin Winslow
Jim Hardy
Clyde McKee
Felicity Brown
Phillip H. Ligon
Woody Frankel

Karl Guillermo Vela photoKarl Vela '03 matched $15
No Challenges

Only 4 left!

If you can inspire two or more Westonians to join you in making a gift, we'll send you a Westtown Moose keychain!