This campaign ends on December 5 at 12:01AM EST

Do you love Westminster? 

YOU can help her prosper! 

In recognition of the national day of giving, Giving Tuesday, on December 3, Westminster is challenging our alumni and friends to give to an area of campus that will directly impact our students and their experiences here at WC. 

Your gift, no matter the size, WILL contribute to making our goals in each of the project areas as well as our overall #WCGivingTuesday total, a reality.  You can watch the gauges grow and find your area of passion between November 3- December 3.

Don’t care where your gift goes?  Just want to help?  You can give right here!! 

Here's how you can help:

1. Give a gift- select a project you are passionate about and donate--help us reach our goal! 

2. Be an advocate- click on the advocate button to help spread the word AND track how many dollars and donors you have generated!

3. Post a short video or photo and share why you have chosen to support Westminster's #GivingTuesday campaign. 

Remember: It doesn't matter how much you can give, whether it's the cost of your next Starbucks coffee or a lunch out of the office, it matters THAT you have given!  



US Heat Map

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni
Class YearDonorsDollars%
1960 1$1,0000.3%
1961 2$1,0500.7%
1962 1$5000.3%
1963 1$1000.3%
1964 2$750.7%
1966 1$1000.3%
1968 3$3501.0%
1969 1$00.3%
1970 1$1000.3%
1971 1$250.3%
1973 (Donations are being matched!)1$00.3%
1974 2$5250.7%
1975 3$4501.0%
1976 5$1,6251.7%
1977 1$750.3%
1978 1$2,1010.3%
1979 1$5000.3%
1980 (Donations are being matched!)2$2600.7%
1981 1$1000.3%
1982 1$1000.3%
1983 1$500.3%
1984 2$1500.7%
1985 1$250.3%
1988 1$500.3%
1991 3$1,1701.0%
1994 3$1451.0%
1995 5$4251.7%
1996 1$1000.3%
1997 2$750.7%
1998 1$750.3%
2002 4$2001.3%
2005 2$250.7%
2006 3$1351.0%
2007 2$450.7%
2008 1$250.3%
2010 (Donations are being matched!)1$250.3%
2012 (Donations are being matched!)3$351.0%
2013 (Donations are being matched!)2$600.7%
2014 (Donations are being matched!)1$50.3%
2015 (Donations are being matched!)2$400.7%
2016 (Donations are being matched!)1$250.3%
2017 (Donations are being matched!)4$1,6511.3%
2018 (Donations are being matched!)1$100.3%
2019 (Donations are being matched!)4$501.3%

Donor affiliations

86% Alumni

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2% Students

Show Students

3% Parents

Show Parents

14% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

3% Friends

Show Friends

Donor list

Judy Boggs photoJudy Boggs
Brittney Stock
Eric MacDonald
Jerilyn Consla
Kathy Richardson
Paul Carswell
Sara Campbell
Alison DuBois
Pete Smith
MATTHEW STINSON photoMatthew Stinson
Elizabeth Kirby Carespodi
Jenn Gandolfi
Harry Bittle
Lisa Bovard
Paul Vosteen
Seth Fisher
Will Armentrout
Jordan Hinds
Kathie and Tom Nelson
Andrew Henley photoAndrew Henley
Kevin Winner
Barbara Hustwit
Laurie and Kimball Mackaness
Amber Scalfari
Megan Beaule
Christian Na
Helen Boylan
Brian Petrus
Bridget Holton
Christie and Ben Nelson
Margaret Hayward
Amy Schuster
Sarah Slonaker
Kathy Richardson
Roberta Laird
Willett Seltenheim
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Create a Personal Plea video encouraging others to join you in supporting the campaign.


Just for Class of 1980

Linda Claybourn Jenkins photo
Linda Jenkins is matching $10 per donor up to $200 for the next 16 days
Only the next 19 donors will be matched!

Just for Faculty/Staff

Matthew Stinson is matching $10 per donor up to $250 for the next 16 days
Only the next 21 donors will be matched!

Just for Class of 1973

Bill Eavenson photo
Bill Eavenson is matching $10 per donor up to $250 for the next 16 days

Just for Classes between 2010 & 2019

Tom Ritter photo
Tom Ritter is matching $1 per $1 donated up to $15,000 for the next 16 days
Only the next $12,899 will be matched!

No Active Challenges