Men's and Women's Track & Field 2021

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funded on May 22, 2021!

Clash of the Titans 2021

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Clash of the Titans 2021
Men's and Women's Track & Field 2021
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  • Coached by Tim McNeil 
  • Women's indoor track won this year's PAC 
  • Outdoor track and field won this year's PAC

Track & Field now has to take TWO buses to meets in order to adhere to COVID protocols an extra and unanticipated cost. We also hope to recreate a throwers field, which was lost during recent renovations. As a result our training and meets have taken place off-site.  We look forward to having this area back so we can again have our home team advantage! 

Our goals are always to come together as a team. Winning is great, but the memories of fun outings or trips leads to a lot of FOND memories. Extra funding provides us the opportunity to allow for these outings and create lasting memories for our players. 

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1958 1$250
1966 2$2,050
1975 1$100
1982 1$1,000
1995 1$1,500
1996 3$145
2003 1$50
2009 1$250
2012 1$50
2014 2$132
2015 1$30
2016 3$200
2017 4$370
2018 1$10
2020 1$150
2021 3$81
2022 5$1,580
2023 3$530
2024 3$510

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Rick and Diane Reiber matched $5,000
Tom and Lisa Ritter matched $15,000
Lee Hite gave $1,000 because 15 donors made a gift in 9 days.
Lee Hite gave $1,000 because 25 donors made a gift in 9 days.