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Career Trek Atlanta 2019

Your gift will allow 24 WKU business students to access a life-changing experience to travel to Atlanta to network with professionals from five respected companies: Coca-Cola, Southern Champion Tray, Arbor Pharmaceuticals, Novelis, and Citizens Bank.

Career Trek grew out of a desire to help students access the business community in a unique and meaningful way. Taking students outside of Grise Hall and into the work world to participate first-hand in the various workplace cultures and learn about how their education and experiences fit into those cultures is truly a transformative experience. Students have met WKU alumni in many of these workplaces, further strengthening the impact that a WKU education can have on one’s future career.  

Since the first group of students traveled to Cincinnati in 2014, more than 70 students have experienced business lessons that enhance classroom learning. The Gordon Ford College of Business would like to extend the opportunity to 24 more students this year, and your generous contribution will be used to reduce the cost of the program that is partially funded through student fees with a small portion coming directly from the participating students.  

Invest in our future business leaders! The total estimated cost for the program is $12,000, which includes bus transportation, hotel, meals, and a professional portfolio for students to carry on the trip. The cost of each student to participate is approximately $500. Students are responsible for $70 of this total cost.  

Our goal is to raise $200 per student for a total of $4,800.  

Suggested Giving Amounts:

•   $20 could provide a professional portfolio for a student to use on this trip and in future interviews

•   $70 could cover one student’s deposit

•   $200 could cover a student’s hotel bill or their seat on the charter bus

•   $500 could cover the total cost for one student  

This is a “keep-it-all” campaign, which means the campaign will receive all donations even if it does not reach the goal by deadline. Your gift to this crowdfunding campaign is considered a charitable donation consistent with IRS guidelines.  

Student Testimonials:

“This trip opened my eyes to how many options I have coming out of college. The possibilities are endless and it is so exciting!” — Shane Milburn (Career Trek 2014)  

“I loved hearing the alumni describe where they came from. They came from the same place as us and look at them now — very successful people.” — Adam Weafer (Career Trek 2015)  

“I enjoy meeting people and finding out how they got into their positions. I am glad I decided to go and expand my network” — Gemonee Brown (Career Trek 2017)

GFCB Career Trek


Thanks for your generosity!

Thank you to everyone who invested in our students for this trek! We are overwhelmed with not only your dollars but the kind words that you are sending our way in support of our students.

The 24 students are eager to get to Atlanta to meet these business professionals and learn more about the work world. We will introduce them in the days to come and they will provide updates during their trip. In the meantime, please watch two of them who were featured on local CBS station WNKY: WNKY News Article

1938 days ago by Stacey Gish
Career Trek is at Capacity!

Thanks for visiting our Spirit Funder site! 

The original plan was to take 20 students on Career Trek -- companies we are planning to visit indicated that was a size most comfortable for their tours and/or conference rooms.

However, once the announcement about the Trek was made to the students, their overwhelming response caused us to go back to those Atlanta organizations and ask, "how many more students can we squeeze into the trip?" Therefore, with permission from the companies, we were able to add four students to the Trek. All of those students have paid their deposits and are gearing up to travel in April. In fact, there are six more students on the waiting list hoping for a cancellation-- this trip has generated quite the buzz in Grise Hall! 

1972 days ago by Stacey Gish

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