Gatton Academy Piano

This campaign ended on June 01, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Western Kentucky University by clicking here!

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The Gatton Academy needs a new piano! Gifts made through May 31 will be matched dollar-for-dollar.
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Gatton Academy Piano

The Gatton Academy piano has always been central to our program's history.  Our piano's placement in the school lobby serves as both symbol and outlet, inviting students' creativity and talent.  Played every single day by multiple students, it may be the most played piano in Kentucky.

Originally gifted to the school in 2007, our 37-year-old piano has grown tired and needs replacing.  The piano is damaged on the inside and outside, and tuning the piano no longer keeps it in playing shape.  It has been a much-loved piano, but three independent assessors have identified it as past its valuable lifespan.

We are calling upon our community to help us raise money for a new piano that will last through the next generation of Gatton Academy student life. Playing a single key on the piano does not have the same effect as utilizing all 88 keys to create a beautiful melody. In the same way, it will take many small gifts to make this goal a reality. Working together in tandem, our alumni, parents, and friends can help ensure that our piano remains a mainstay on the second floor of Florence Schneider Hall.

Thanks to a private gift, every gift made through May 31 will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $15,000.  Your gift will make twice the impact!

Student Testimonials

I play the piano a few times each week.  It helps me de-stress.  If I’ve been having a rough day it helps me unwind.  It’s where I go to have fun with friends.” - Richard Pike, Class of 2019 

I play mostly for myself.  Having a piano is something I do to express emotions.  Sometimes you can’t put what you’re feeling into words, and you have to use notes to express that emotion.” - Norman Chan, Class of 2020

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Gatton Academy Piano Gift Leaderboard

The Gatton Academy Piano Gift Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents, Gatton Alumni
2021 6$615
2020 9$791
2019 10$1,611
2018 9$457
2017 3$125
2016 6$2,185
2015 5$130
2014 3$150
2013 3$75
2012 1$25
2010 1$25
2008 2$275
2004 1$150

Donor affiliations

20% Alumni

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9% Students

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44% Parents

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16% Faculty/Staff

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7% Friends

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20% Gatton Alumni

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Donor list

Polley Family
Zachary K. Ryle
Elizabeth Jones
John Cliburn
Michael and Melissa Powers
Alexa Davidson
Lisa Townes
Pokey Bowen
Zachary Austin Wesley
Julie Hartman
Allison Mefford
LaGrange Family
Jennifer Robinson photoJennifer Robinson
Patrick Taylor
Morgan Blair
Les and Angela Pike
Duncan Wood
Ken Tran
Xinnan niu
Antje Richardson
Emma, M, Keller
Marie E Mingus
Lan Nguyen
Gabrielle Witt
Satya Moolani
Seth Baunach
Joshua Baunach
Alex Kearns photoAlex Kearns
Darren Davis
Michael S Blankenship
Alexander Leibman
Walker Rutledge
Amy M Davis
Steve O'Connor
Tracy Harkins

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