Save WIU's Ash Trees

This campaign ended on July 08, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Western Illinois University by clicking here!


Western Illinois University is home to a beautiful campus with many valuable and irreplaceable trees.  Ash trees make up more than 4% of the campus tree population and are regarded as a top 10 most important species for aesthetics, surface water treatment, and structural and functional value.  Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), an exotic species of beetle invading from the north, feeds on and breeds in Ash trees, resulting in tree decline and ultimately death.  

With EAB confirmed within miles of Macomb, WIU wants to proactively treat our Ash trees to protect against this pest and we are asking for your help.

Your generous donation will help us raise the $5,000 we need to make trunk injection treatments to sixty-five Ash trees we have on campus, and protect them for future generations. 

 Gifts over and above our goal will be used to grow a tree fund for future treatments and plantings.



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Amanda Green
Matt and Stacy Bierman
Tate and Sharon Lindahl
Troy Rhoads
Edward J Barry Jr
Don Roppolo
Miriam N. Satern
Mary L Howe
Robin Bauerly
WIU Forestry Club
Penelope J Yunker
Scott Coker
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Karen Ingledue
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WIU Forestry Club photoWIU Forestry Club matched $250
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Receive a pocket-sized emerald ash borer identification card and a shout-out on the Facilities Management Facebook page with our thanks for helping us save WIU's ash trees!


You Saved an Ash Tree! Your gift covers the trunk injection treatments along with other necessary supplies for one of our Ash Trees at WIU. We will give you a special shout-out on the Facilities Management Facebook Page!