Fund a Dual-Polarization Doppler Radar

This campaign ended on April 01, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Western Illinois University by clicking here!

The Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Geographic Information Sciences (EAGIS) needs YOUR help to solve a very real problem in West Central Illinois

The Need:

McDonough and surrounding counties in Illinois are located in what is known as a radar "hole." As the National Weather Service radars are located 80 - 90 miles away, those radars often only detect what is happening near the top of storms in our area.

This means it is highly unlikely that storm rotation (which can be an indicator of tornado activity) will be accurately detected during local severe weather, putting lives at risk.

The Solution:

Your gift will help the Department of EAGIS purchase, install and maintain a Dual-Polarization Doppler radar. This radar, located on the top of Memorial Hall on Western Illinois University's Macomb Campus, will allow us to pinpoint locations where the storm is rotating to keep our West Central Illinois communities safe.

Benefits to West Central Illinois:

In addition to enhanced early-detection, this radar will allow us to determine more accurate precipitation totals leading to better flood detection and warning. It will also allow us to determine the difference between rain, hail, snow and sleet.

The Department of EAGIS will develop radar products specific to the needs of our west central Illinois communities including agricultural, broadcast, and utility companies, and make these products available online for instant access 24 hours per day.

New Educational Opportunities:

By helping us purchase this new radar, you are providing exceptional educational and research opportunities to students at Western. Students will be actively involved in providing radar image interpretation and timely weather updates to our communities and Western will become the only institution of higher education in Illinois with a scanning Doppler radar on campus.

Be a Part of the Solution Today:

Your gift will be put to work immediately to make this solution a reality. Thank you for helping to keep West Central Illinois safe!

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