Pride of the Mountains Macy's 2019

This campaign ended on November 27, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Western Carolina University by clicking here!

WE’RE GOING TO MACY’S! The only band in Macy’s Parade history to perform twice in 5 years; what an honor. This November, the Pride of the Mountains will make a return trip to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade; however, we have to foot 100% of the bill! We've set aside discretionary funds for opportunities just like this, but after a highly competitive bidding process, the cost was much more than WCU can cover on its own. We need to provide uniforms, equipment, meals, transportation, lodging, and experiences in New York City. With your help, we need to raise $150,000 to ensure all of our talented and hard working band members get to participate in this once in a life time opportunity. Even our band members are pitching in above and beyond their normal band fees. The more money we raise above $150,000 the less money our band members will have to pay out of pocket. Final payments to the travel company are due Tuesday, October 15, 2019. We can't leave anybody behind and we can't do this without you. We want you to be with us, every step of the way.

By the Numbers

  • 500 - number of band members we need to send to Macy's
  • $767,515 - total cost of the Macy's trip
    • $1,535 - total cost per student
      • $900 - how much we anticipate each band member will have to pay out of pocket if we raise $150,000
      • $335 - how much our discretionary fund can cover per student
      • $300 - how much we are asking our generous supporters to cover per student

What Gifts Can Support

  • $1,535 - fund one band member's complete Macy's experience
  • $300 - supplement one band member's Macy's experience
  • $250 - transportation between Cullowhee and New York City for one band member
  • $100 - uniform enhancements for one band member
  • $50 - Thanksgiving dinner experience for one band member
  • $25 - breakfast for one band member on Parade morning

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Kathy Abbott-Beam
J. Wayne Rial & Andrea
Andrew "Todd" Baucom & Stephanie D. Baucom
Leslie Taylor-Boeck
Denise Cunningham
Patrick Alford
Wayne Bowers & Betsy Bowers
Elizabeth Wiggins
Kathleen R Mara
Wendy Hines
Catherine Stiers photoCatherine Stiers
Chris E Hamlet
Emily M Glesias
Gwyn W. Dmith
Marianne Taylor-Hicks
Jane F O’Keefe
Shirley Smith Adair
Bobby Byrd
Marsha T Temples & Kenneth
Chris Schlenker & Kirstin Schlenker
Marcelina C Woods
Charles Boswell & Mary Jo Boswell
Michael R Cockerham & Christine R
Joel Mashburn & Janie Mashburn
Debbie Phillips & Donnie Phillips
Melissa WATKINS & Tim
Edna & Dave Waldrop
Melanie Altman
James Mark Ramey
Darlene Goodheart
Jeff and Kim Harshman
Rod Eckard
David Cheney & Lorisa Cheney
Joann Taylor
LEVERN Hamlin Allen
Michael Brent Grass & Allyson Grass
Kathleen J. Busby
Page Mikol & John Mikol
Ken Teasley & Jane

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