Kristin Erin Buckner Memorial Endowment

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Please support mental health education.

Kristin Erin Buckner was a native of Sylva, NC, a graduate of Appalachian State University with a B.S. in Psychology and a graduate of Western Carolina University with a Masters of Arts in Education (M.A. Ed) in School Counseling. 

In addition to being a mother to three, she worked to become certified as a licensed professional counselor. Kristin worked as a School Counselor, a Behavioral Health Counselor, and a Behavioral Specialist. Additionally Kristin pursued her artistic passion by teaching and choreographing dance, particularly tap, for many young students in Western North Carolina. A talented vocalist, she shared her talents often in church services, weddings, and other civic events. 

Her family’s wish is that this scholarship gift be utilized by an individual who has a deep interest in providing counseling for those who suffer with mental or emotional difficulties.

Donors (through 10/25/2022)

The Buckner family would like to thank the donors who have supported the scholarship through 10/25/2022.  Those who make gifts through this page will be listed in the recent donor view.

Margo Banks
Shane Bishop
Sandi Boone
Dennis Brown
Janie Bryan
Leigh Bryant
Roz Buchanan
Janice Buckner
Bob Buckner
Carrie Carpenter
Anne Caywood
Leandra Closson
Steven Combs
Jennifer Corley
Bryony Crain
Ann Cramm
Traci Curtis
Ellie Damiano
Sandy Davis
Kellie Doehring
Barbara Doll
Kelley Elliott
Jeffrey Fackler
Carol Feichter
George Fieser
Charles Franklin
Kelly Gibbs
Andrew Gibson
Hart Goodson
Bill Haggard
Connie Haire
Linda Hancock
Jo-Anne Hancock
Jennifer Harris
Elizabeth Henley
Steven Herren
James Hogan
Mark Holliday
Jean Howell
Angela Hyatt
Kathie Johnson
Alley Killian
Emmett Kirwan
Cynthia Leatherwood
Shannon Leder
Mary Lodico
Beth Lofquist
Linda MacMillan
Anna Maloney
Sherilynn Manning
Rebecca Manring
Scott McBride
Charles McDowell
Jeanna McGuire
Elizabeth McGuire
Kelly Miller
Janet Millsaps
Linda Minor
Tara Mondock
Peggy Morgan
Terri Morgan
Barbara Newberry
Sarah Ogletree
Dela O’Neal
Larry Osborn
Lori Osborn
Crystal Peek
Ben Pendry
Herb Phillips
Walter Plexico
Richard Ploch
Geoff Pomerantz
Victoria Pope
David Preston
Milkey Radabaugh
Keith Ramsey
Robert Reid, Jr.
Lisa Reuter-Clarke
Linda Sexton
Toni Shope
Candi Smith
Steven Smith
Sara Solo
Donna Stamey
Katie Stanhagen
Erin Steele
Susan Sterchi
George Sterchi
Amy Stewart
Laura Stiens
Thomas Stites
Kathryn Strachota
Shelley Tom
Thanh Tran
John Turley
Norman West
Posey Phillips
Carolyn Wittmann
Nan Woodward
Margaret Yarbrough
Lorelei Yersi
William Young
Jonathan Zsambeky

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