Greek Challenge Tier 1 Sorority

This campaign ended on October 18, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Western Carolina University by clicking here!

Greek Challenge

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Greek Challenge
Greek Challenge Tier 1 Sorority
628 Donors
$873,640 Donated

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Welcome to the Sorority Tier 1 giving page! This page is designated for individuals who are a part of these Sorority organizations! The  goal on this page rolls up into our overall goal of 675 donors participating in this years Greek Challenge! 

Sigma Kappa 

Delta Zeta 

Apha Xi Delta 

Thank you for your contribution to your organization and to our student-athletes at WCU!  

Designation Leaderboard

Sigma Kappa 48$44,385
Delta Zeta 40$30,800
Alpha Xi Delta 26$58,965

Donor affiliations

93% Alumni

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Donor list

Debby O Cummins & Bob and Debby Cummins
Jordan Tilley
Elizabeth Carter
Shelli Allen
Kathleen R Mara
Betsy J Gillespie
Kelly Hill-Calderone
Mindy Lee Rook
Terri B Kilmer
Dana Walter
Kelli W Howe
Tammy H Fertenbaugh
Dana Strong Gipe
jill johnson mcclure & pat mcclure
April Henry Cooke
Mrs. Lynn H. Hollifield
Catherine Waters
Erin Mosher
Kathy Harris

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