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We have been on quite a journey over the past year. The road has been filled with twists and turns which have brought us from valleys to breath-taking vistas...much like the roads that lead us home to Cullowhee, to WCU.

This adventure is reminiscent of Frost’s poetic lines that reference taking the road less traveled by. And as artists, we take the road less traveled each day. While traversing this road comes with challenges, it gleans the greatest rewards when we travel together and share the experience.

We thank you for traveling with us this past year and ask that you continue to make a difference in the lives of our students by contributing to the Friends of the Arts. Our students, the next generation of artist practitioners, teachers, and scholars—need your support.

As our students journey on, navigating their way through the twists and turns the future brings,

  • …your philanthropy offers them security.
  • …you help create exceptional opportunities for them to study and interact with world-class guest artists.
  • …you support dynamic learning experiences that open their minds and hearts to a world of creative possibilities.

Your generosity empowers their journey, transforms their lives, and truly makes WCU an amazing place for the arts!

As artists, our students take the road less traveled by, and YOU make all the difference in their lives.

Thank you for your generous support of the Friends of the Arts at WCU.

The cast of Heathers gives thanks to Carolina West Radiology!

Based on the cult classic film of the same name, Heathers is the story of Veronica Sawyer, a senior at the fictional Westerberg High. 

With raw, edgy, and culturally relevant numbers like “Beautiful,” “Candy Store,” and “Yo Girl,” Heathers is fast becoming a fan favorite among community theaters and high schoolers everywhere.

1 day ago by Andrew Schmidt
"I want you to be moved, I want you to be informed"

Zhane, Double Major in Graphic Design & Japanese, shares their story. 

20 days ago by Sara Lewis-Wallace


Carolina West Radiology helps individuals learn about their physical health, believing that health and happiness are closely linked and that the arts benefit us all. 

As one of our most significant corporate partners, Carolina West Radiology’s continued generosity has provided support to students and programs throughout the Belcher College since 2016.  

Thank you to everyone at Carolina West Radiology for your generosity. We are extremely grateful! 

20 days ago by Sara Lewis-Wallace
Students Take The Stage!

41 days ago by Sara Lewis-Wallace
Music Students Share Their Stories!

55 days ago by Sara Lewis-Wallace
Celebrate with Drs. George Brown and Eli Collins-Brown!

In honor of the 25th anniversary of their first date, Drs. George Brown and Eli Collins-Brown have donated $2,500

They are asking 25 PEOPLE to join them in celebrating this special anniversary by making a gift to the Friends of the Arts with a “25” in the total at a level meaningful to you. 


Chancellor Kelli R. Brown & Mr. Dennis Brown
Jerry & Judy Matheny
Lee & MaryAnn Budahl
Ben Pendry
Kevin & Lynn Stanberry
Rebekah Cheney
Jodi John Pippin
Mitchell Crisp
Jeanne & Patrick McGuire 
Roberta Buckner
Carolyn S. Hunt
Mary Jo Boswell 
Sara Lewis-Wallace
Littleton Vogel, Inc. 
Gerald Cody
Joe B. Grooms, Jr. 
Dr. David Shapiro
Amanda Kouri
Dale & Debbie Sims
Eric & Shannon Reichard
Nancy S. Ford

56 days ago by Andrew Schmidt

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