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Western Carolina University creates learning opportunities that incorporate teaching, research, service, and engagement through on campus, off campus, on-line and international experiences. The university focuses its academic programs, educational outreach, research, creative, and cultural activities to sustain and improve individual lives and enhance economic and community development in Western Carolina and beyond.

Greek Challenge

Represent your fraternity or sorority by making a gift to the Greek Challenge!

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Campaigns at Western Carolina University

Pride of the Mountains Macy's 2019
WE'RE GOING TO MACY'S! Help make a band member's dream come true. Join Us. With Every Step.
350 Donors
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$55,937 Donated
WCU Dance Team 19-20 Nationals Campaign
For Western Carolina University
The WCU Dance Team 19-20 Nationals Campaign is a fundraising initiative aimed at raising money to support us at our national competition!
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Service Projects in the WCU Community
Help fund materials so WCU students can continue improving the lives of people in the local community through public service projects.
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I Love WCU 2019
Share how much WCU means to you by making your gift today.
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WCU Student-Athlete Academic Support Services
WCU Student-Athlete Academic Support Services
We need your help! Your investment in our Student-Athlete Academic Support Services is vital to student-athletes' success in the classroom.
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Faculty and Staff Giving Champions 2019
Show your love for WCU by participating in the Faculty Staff Giving Champions this February!
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HESA Graduate Student Research and Travel Fund
Support Higher Education Student Affairs graduate students through travel stipends and professional development opportunities.
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GNR Student Travel Fund
For Western Carolina University
Help our students gain valuable field experience, share their work, and be part of a vibrant community by donating to the GNR Travel Fund.
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