Marathon Monday Challenge

This campaign ended on April 17, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Wellesley College by clicking here!

This April, Wellesley young alumnae (’06 - ’16) are being challenged to spend the six days leading up to Marathon Monday giving back. 

Together we’ll make a big difference in a short period of time—and celebrate the generosity of our Wellesley community. Because during the Marathon Monday Challenge, every gift makes an even bigger impact:

Thanks to Helen Cantwell ’92, challenge funds are up for grabs—when 417 young alumnae make a gift, of any size, to Wellesley on or before April 17, Helen will honor this collective achievement by making an additional $26.2K gift to the College on Marathon Monday!

This challenge is all about participation; giving back to what made your Wellesley experience so great, supporting future students, and building community.

It’s a can’t-miss opportunity to make your gift go even further. Join the race to 417 today!

Class Leaderboard
The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumnae, Students
Class YearDonorsDollars
2016 75$1,413
2009 74$2,535
2013 64$1,196
2015 63$904
2014 62$1,018
2010 61$1,416
2011 48$1,021
2008 45$1,612
2006 40$1,177
2012 38$475
2007 36$1,214
1999 13$10,943
1974 2$15
2019 1$5
2018 1$10
2004 1$26
2005 1$10
1998 1$10
1992 1$26,200
2003 1$500
2017 0$0

Designation Leaderboard
Unrestricted (supports the College's greatest need) 309$7,449
Current-use Financial Aid 173$2,997
Science & Sustainability 54$640
Academic Innovation 17$230
Career Education 15$472

Donor affiliations

99% Alumnae

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1% Students

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1% Parents

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2% Faculty/Staff

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1% Friends

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Donor list
Meghan F. Hogan
Victoria E Doherty Munro
Spaulding, Alicen B
Dulce M. Gonzalez
Emily DiVito
Simran, K, Virk
Kathryn Heffernan
Karina Wagnerman
lieu thi tran
Lauren Reyes Gibbs-BeadlePicture?height=150&width=150
Olivia Kingsley
Kaitlyn O Schwartz
Lucy Swenson
Sophia Lindekugel
Samantha Goldstein
Victoria Charoonratana
Marie Ayabe
Tianyi Xu
Holly A. Yuan
Jessica Payton
Caroline H. Oppel
Julie A Meadows
Adrienne S Topic
Nia Phillips
Nicole V Micheroni
Terra L Stanley
Laura B. Nellums
Mariel H Smith
Allene Pierson
Fiona Hartley-Kroeger
Veronica Eloesa McSorley
Margaret D Garascia
Julieann Freitas
Rebecca F Brown
Audrey Stern

Index trending profilepicMiriam Pofcher matched $20
An Anonymous Donor matched $500
Thumb avatar fullsizerender 2Marissa Harris matched $10,000
Picture?height=150&width=150Dominique Parris gave $50 because 50 donors made a gift in 4 days.
Index trending profilepicCristina Lucas gave $100 because 25 donors made a gift in 3 days.
Thumb avatar cantwell helen lo2Helen Cantwell gave $26,200 because 417 donors made a gift in 3 days.

Help us reach our goal by being a challenge advocate! If your advocacy efforts generate 10 donations, you will receive a College-branded water bottle. Click the 'Advocates' tab to get started.


Help us reach our goal by being a challenge advocate! If your advocacy efforts generate 25 donations, you will receive a Wellesley swag bag. Click the 'Advocates' tab to get started.