Countdown to June 30

This campaign ended on June 30, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Wellesley College by clicking here!


This June, we're looking back at Wellesley's storied history and the values that connect alumnae through generations: tradition, service, community, leadership. These and other Wellesley distinctions remain the foundation on which today's students stand.

We believe that preserving the essence of a Wellesley education for the next generation requires the support of everyone who appreciates its value. This year, Wellesley set an ambitious goal of reaching 50 percent alumnae participation (the number of graduates who make a gift to Wellesley between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018).

Help Wellesley achieve this gold standard in alumni giving by making a gift today. To reach 50 percent, we need 3,000 more alumnae to make gifts on or before Saturday, June 30. Whether you give $5, $18.75 (if you're feeling particularly nostalgic!), or $500—all gifts count equally toward participation. 

You are part of Wellesley's history. Will you help forge a path to our future?      

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Designation Leaderboard

The Wellesley Fund: Unrestricted 1075$362,868
The Wellesley Fund: Current-use Financial Aid 191$18,358
The Wellesley Fund: Mental Health and Wellness 42$2,550
The Wellesley Fund: Science & Sustainability 30$8,920
Friends of Wellesley College Athletics 22$16,351
Friends of Art at the Davis 20$23,370
The Wellesley Fund: Career Education 18$21,238
Friends of Wellesley College Botanic Gardens 18$1,690
Friends of Wellesley College Library 15$897
The Wellesley Fund: Residential Experience 14$1,078
The Wellesley Fund: Campus Renewal 14$742
The Wellesley Fund: Academic Innovation 11$2,509

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Donor list

Jessica Espinoza
Cynthia Yang
Leslie W. Muir
Christa DeFries
Mijha Godfrey
Danielle Solomon
Laurie Wright TurnerLaurie Wright Turner photo
Sebastian Merrill
Diana C. Yin
Willajeanne F McLean
Kimberly Taggart Wilson
Amanda Faulkner
Anne J Blood
Deborah Kulok
Kellie Bardo DavideitKellie Bardo Davideit photo
Pamela BainesPamela Baines photo
Melissa S. Liebling
Kathleen Megan
Amy J Putnam
Rita S. Lee
Patricia M McMahon
Amy M Linker
Crissy Caceres
Johari N. Townes
Carol A. Seymour
Michele T Leonard
Katherine Weeks Hardison
Lindsay Meredith Miller
Lindsey Plyler BlankenbakerLindsey Plyler Blankenbaker photo
Hanna Day-Woodruff
Heather J Clark
Maureen Mahoney-Barraclough
Lian-Marie H Munro
Isabelle Barry
Elizabeth DerbyElizabeth Derby photo
Melpo Voulieris Fite
Sambi Chitrakar Shrestha
Ellen C Campbell

Jeanne Andry Landry photoJeanne Andry Landry matched $90
Ann Edmiston Rumberger photoAnn Rumberger matched $250
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