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This campaign ended on April 14, 2023, but you can still make a gift to Vincennes University by clicking here!
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A 24-hour celebration of the Trailblazer spirit where the VU community - alumni, employees, students, parents, and friends - come together to make a difference that carries forward each and every day.

Together we did it!

The Trailblazer Spirit exceeded our expectations and we have so much to be proud of on our third Blazers Give Day. Join us again on April 4, 2024!

229 days ago by Kristi Deetz

There’s a lot that goes on 
behind the scenes on #BlazersGive Day…

Scraping only the surface, we have been please to show you the many sides of Vincennes University and what we have to offer.

As we head into the final stretches our 24hr Celebration, we hope that you may consider supporting some of our amazing programs, the students that join them, and the future of VU to come.

To learn more on how you can make a difference, visit to show your care & commitment with a gift helping VU’s Students and their greatest needs.

231 days ago by Dartanyan Abney
Almost there!

We are in the last stretch,with less than a quarter of a way to go...

Will you help us reach our goal of 123 Donors?

231 days ago by Dartanyan Abney

Help us reach our goal of 123 Donors for 2023!

We’re are over half way there an on the final stretch…

231 days ago by Dartanyan Abney

It’s the 3rd annual #blazersgive day!

The Blazer Crew got to enjoy some Vincennes University spirit today. Text ”give” to the Blazer text line at (812)-888-4347 to support #blazersgive.

231 days ago by Dartanyan Abney
Thank you from our VU Students…

Thank you from our StudentsThank you from our 
VU Students & future Trailblazers…

Your support of #BlazersGive is greatly appreciated!

231 days ago by Dartanyan Abney
A scholarship is gold...

"A scholarship is gold - absolutely to me...

My schooling was essentially paid for - A scholarship was the difference in being able to kind of enjoy my time, and not have a looming debt situation over my head. honestly at this point, my scholarships (at each university), and not having any debt leaving VU was the saving grace. It's honestly the reason that I get to even go to law school right now. I'm so appreciative, so very appreciative of that.”

~ Luke Blackburn (VU 2017-18)

231 days ago by Leslie Kidwell
Good Morning, Trailblazers!

Showing great appreciation, our #BlazerGive Breakfast was excellent for connecting with our Staff & Local Donors!

231 days ago by Leslie Kidwell
Blazers Give Day Kick-off

Today is the day!  We already have lots of matches and challenges to inspire your giving.  Join in the celebration by being the spark and making a gift today that makes a difference everyday!

231 days ago by Leslie Kidwell

Top Gifting Funds
Fund NameDonorsRaised ($)%
Mark E Grundman Conservation Law0$0
Patrick Gehl Memorial Scholarship0$0
VUF R D & Gloria Van Eaton Nursing0$0
Hong Kong Alumni Scholarship Fund0$0
Jasper Alumni Chapter0$0
Lawrence & Betty Gwaltney Mem Sch0$0
T. Fitzgerald Memorial Scholarship0$0
Sigma Pi House Endowment Fund18$6,210
Blazers Give Fund38$29,900
Gold Club Scholarship Fund0$0
Donna Clinkenbeard Perform Arts Sch1$25
Daniel Burger Memorial Scholarship2$100
Construction Tech Department0$0
Phyllis Webster Nursing Scholarship2$600
Career Employer Relations Fund2$275
Marie Lucier McQuaid Estate0$0
George S. Ridgway Architectur Endow1$10
Commercial Art & Design Department0$0
GSH Chris & Laura Nardine Mem Sch0$0
2nd Chance Nursing (Vonderschmitt)0$0
Ewing Printing Company Sch0$0
Alpha Chapter Organ Restoration1$100
HTEC Teachers Training Scholarship0$0
Dorothy Wilkes Scholarship Fund0$0
David Lester Memorial Sch Endow Fd0$0
Agriculture Department2$100
Student Support Services Program1$100
American Sign Language Fund0$0
Matthew Bowman Mem Type A Sch0$0
CE Sch Frances&Marvin Kuhlenschmidt0$0
Dean of College of Business and Public Service - Greatest Need Fund2$203
Campbell Lilbert Scholarship Fund0$0
Generations - Meals on Wheels0$0
Michael & Beverly Gehrich Aviation2$300
Welding Department Fund0$0
Jean Wilkes Nursing Scholarship0$0
Issac K. Beckes Scholarship1$222
Friends of the Arts - Community Series Endowment1$50
Electronics Department0$0
Joan Elizabeth Emery Sch Fund0$0
H & M Cook Scholarship0$0
Matthew Bowman Mem Endow Sch0$0
Dr Bernard Verkamp Restrict Sch0$0
Arthur Haase Tech Endow Scholar0$0
History Department0$0
John W & Catherine R Ziegler Sch0$0
Dean of College of Science, Engineering and Mathematics - Greatest Need Fund0$0
Randall Hedden Arts Scholarship0$0
S Carter Endowed Memorial Sch0$0
Graphic Design Scholarship0$0
Gregory McMichael Aviation Mem Sch0$0
Dyal & Violet Wadsworth Scholarship0$0
Helen Van Wey Scholarship Fund0$0
Laura McCormick Memorial Scholarshp0$0
CNC NOW Veterans Fund0$0
Dr. Herbert Chattin Memorial Sch1$200
Atto Gardner Memorial Scholarship0$0
Practical Nursing Student Emergency0$0
George Whitehouse Automotive Sch0$0
Gov. Matthew E. Welsh Scholarship0$0
Nursing Department Fund1$25
Brad Deetz Broadcasting Scholarship3$105
GSH Radiology VU Alumni Scholarship0$0
Sheila J Treanor Memorial Scholar2$5,000
Non Traditional Student0$0
John Burt Junior Endowed Sch0$0
Erika E. Norman Memorial0$0
Penny J Hill Trimble-Respiratory Th0$0
Scholastic Excellence Award Sch2$250
RE Osborne Special Ed Endow Sch0$0
Jeannette Olsen Memorial Fund0$0
Sigma Pi House Fund1$19
Indiana Cert Crop Advisor Prog Sch0$0
Aviation Maintenance Dept Fund4$200
Jason and Heidi Napier Aviation Sch0$0
Jerry Blemker Baseball Scholarship0$0
Alpha Beta Gamma Harold Tepool Fund0$0
Charles Muller Memorial Scholarship0$0
Dunseth Special Illinois Scholar0$0
Mac McCormick Scholarship Fund0$0
Paul Messmore Aviation Tool Scholar0$0
Charles H and Gwendola Free Sch0$0
Twenty-first Century Scholars Fund0$0
Performing Arts Department0$0
John M. Lyons Scholarship0$0
VU Jasper Campus Project Fund0$0
Multiculture Alumni Reunion Fund0$0
INDEX TRAUB Scholarship0$0
Broadcasting Scholarship0$0
James Kenneth Bowman Memorial Schol2$33
Thomas Fitzgerald Endow English Sch1$25
Accounting Department0$0
CW Chu I Scholarship Fund0$0
Gregory L. Pittman Scholarship0$0
Military and Veteran Sch Fund0$0
C & E W Scanlin Writing Skills Fund0$0
Dean J. & E. Hill Academic0$0
Neal Scholarship Fund0$0
Tim and Connie Davis Gognat Sch0$0
Gene and Patricia Bathe Scholarship0$0
Cornelius Fund0$0
F & J Ladner Scholarship0$0
Patrick McGrady Memorial Scholar0$0
Heralds Hochgesang Scholarship0$0
Barbara DeBoer NonTrad Student Sch0$0
Daniel & Wanda Worland Type A Sch0$0
Chu Family Fund0$0
Matthew Bowman Nursing Scholarship0$0
PM Summers Elkhart0$0
Al Rerko Broadcasting Scholarship0$0
Rowe Sargent Scholarship0$0
Al Rerko Broadcasting Sch0$0
Generation Endowment0$0
Ind State Poultry Assn End Scholar0$0
Dean of College of Social Science, Performing Arts, and Communication - Greatest Need Fund0$0
Law Enforcement0$0
Klinker Fund0$0
Ruth Caniff Myers Nursing Scholar0$0
Barbara Loheider Gerhart Scholarshp0$0
WBDC Dubois County Broadcasting Sch0$0
Linda Lou Clodfelder Nursing Schol0$0
Architectural Studies Department3$80
Edna Tague Scholarship0$0
Penny J Hill Trimble-Respiratory Th0$0
Vectren Foundation Scholarship0$0
Horticulture Department0$0
Gary & Sandra Bubenzer Scholarship0$0
Brett Allison Adams Special Ed Sch0$0
Automotive Technology Depart Fund0$0
Illene Hodgdon Scholarship0$0
Dick Carmichael Scholarship0$0
Volleyball Team0$0
Jay Gegenheimer Book Loan Fund0$0
ATC Department Fund4$123
Britt Fund0$0
Stella Risch Nursing1$100
VU Jasper Center0$0
Architectural Academics Award Sch0$0
Richard Ertel & Ertel Family Mem0$0
Regions Bank Assoc Children Sch0$0
Stella Risch Nursing1$100
VU Society4$3,150
John Burkhart Memorial Fund0$0
Elementary Education Department1$25
C B Smith Scholarship0$0
KCARC Scholarship0$0
Bardole Chemistry Scholarship0$0
Duke Energy Mining Technology Sch0$0
A. Habig Scholarship Fund0$0
Agribusiness Department Fund5$150,400
GSH Nurshing & Allied Health Care0$0
Carl & Eulala Gray Scholarship Fund0$0
Phillip M Summers Scholarship0$0
Day of Wood Scholarship0$0
Sebastian Kiteka IT Memorial Sch0$0
Hochim Hovis Cemetery Fund0$0
Athletic Department Cancer Project2$23
R David Van Eaton J Deere & Ag Sch0$0
Brian D Holscher Memorial Scholar0$0
Old National Business Scholarship0$0
Matthew Bowman Nursing Scholarship0$0
Forrest McGlone Scholarship Fund0$0
Dan Miller Music Scholarship0$0
Larry W Stearns Memorial Sch0$0
Linda Lou Clodfelder Nursing Schol0$0
Fire Science Department Fund0$0
Friends of VU Music & Theatre0$0
Brett Allison Adams Possibility Sch0$0
Herbert & Velma Pepmeier Mem Sch0$0
VU Honors Program0$0
Indiana Lumber & Builders' Supply A0$0
Jeannette Olsen Memorial Fund0$0
Kenneth R Umfleet Music Scholarship0$0
Social Work Social Science Division0$0
Daniel & Wanda Worland Mem End Sch0$0
Joseph Woodman Kimmell Mem Sch0$0
George Youst Memorial Scholarship0$0
David Morton Memorial Scholarship0$0
Public Service0$0
David Sommers Scholarship0$0
Donovan M Mabbott Music Scholarship0$0
Best Western0$0
George R. Tolson Scholarship Fund0$0
George Gettinger Scholarship0$0
O Dunn & A Clark Music Sch0$0
Phyllis Webster Nursing Scholarship2$600
David Lester Memorial Scholarship4$200
Gloria VanEaton Nurs&AlliedHlthCare0$0
Polk-Decker Memorial Scholarship0$0
Journalism Department0$0
Tammy Tribe Memorial Scholarship0$0
Jasper Engines/Transmissions Sch0$0
Elizabeth R Bryant Scholarship0$0
Indiana Builders Charitable Found0$0
Physics & Engineering Department0$0
Marjorie Rash Miller Mem Scholar0$0
Telamon Diversity Scholarship0$0
Charles Gardner Memorial-Chemistry0$0
Vincennes University Ag Club Fund0$0
Generations - General0$0
Laser Electro Optics Department0$0
Edward Trull Memorial Scholarship0$0
Shirley A Bowman Education Sch1$5
Kimmell Park Comm Revitalization Gr0$0
Martha Snyder Thompson Scholarship0$0
Alta Jane Gosnell Scholarship Fund0$0
Patrick Nunn Land Surveying Scholar0$0
Hilda Begeman Scholarship Fund0$0
Lester Routt Scholarship Fund0$0
Max W. Gerhart Memorial Sch0$0
thomas Lewis Golf Scholarship0$0
Gov Davis Blues Festival Sch Fund0$0
Mens Basketball Program0$0
Pioneer Oil Company Scholarship0$0
A. Habig VUJC Project Endowment2$23
Steve Graham Scholarship Fund0$0
Grabbe/Utley Scholarship Fund0$0
Oscar L. Dunn Memorial Scholarship0$0
Physical Therapy Department0$0
Marie LaVerne Jones Nursing Scholar0$0
Dorothy J. Spence Memorial Sch0$0
Marjorie Rash Miller Mem Scholar0$0
Andrew W. Kuehn Memorial Sch0$0
Fearless Females Fund1$50
Explore Japan Scholarship0$0
Dean of College of Technology - Greatest Need Fund0$0
Rowe Sargent Scholarship0$0
Med-Health Care Non-Traditional Sch0$0
VU Parent Fund0$0
Wanda Morehead Trust Scholarship0$0
Prof Will Morris English Sch Fund0$0
William Lyons Scholarship0$0
Joyce Hudgins Memorial Scholarship0$0
Gregory Givans Memorial Scholarship0$0
Ind State Poultry Assn CR Scholar0$0
State Rep. William Crawford Sch0$0
Angel Mission Fund of Dubois County0$0
Dr Bernard Verkamp Endowment Sch0$0
Jeanne & Marc Campbell Scholarship0$0
George S. Ridgway Surveying Endow0$0
Henrietta Ruxer Memorial Sch0$0
Psi Iota Xi Scholarship0$0
VUF R D & Gloria Van Eaton Nursing0$0
Kirkwood Academic Skills Fund0$0
John & Eunice Byers Memorial Sch0$0
VU Gibson County Fund0$0
Cheryl Harder Stiles Memorial Sch0$0
VU Humanities Film and Lecture Seri0$0
Combs Book Loan Fund0$0
Curt Brown Memorial - Journalism0$0
Trent D Horrall Memorial Scholar0$0
CW Chu II Endowment0$0
VU Phillip Rath Scholarship0$0
Women's Golf Club Fund0$0
Psychology Department Fund0$0
George S Ridgway Architectural Sch0$0
Mozart Amateurs Harpsichord0$0
Daviess County IN Alumni Scholar0$0
Earl & Dorothy Diekman Memorial Sch0$0
Dana Burt Phillips Theatre Sch0$0
Brent C Bierhaus Memorial Sch0$0
Jay Linn Scholarship0$0
Dr Rev Martin Luther King Jr Sch0$0
Barbara DeBoer Scholarship Fund0$0
Scarpellini Fire Science Sch0$0
Engineering Department0$0
Donald Hamilton Scholarship Fund0$0
Justin S Mowery Memorial Scholar0$0
VICA National Competition0$0
Gary Lee Scholarship0$0
E & D Marchino Scholarship0$0
Blake Parker Memorial Scholarship0$0
Linda Tucker Vocal Music Sch0$0
Machine Trades 3rd Year Option Sch0$0
English Department1$50
Sheila J Treanor Memorial Scholar2$5,000
Dr. Norbert M. Welch Memorial Sch0$0
Sr Mary Walter Goebel Memorial Sch0$0
Sole/Lewis Library Fund0$0
Fine Arts Department1$50
Track & Field Program0$0
Surveying Technology Scholarship0$0
FIA Japanese Club Fund0$0
Dean of College of Humanities - Greatest Need Fund0$0
Graphic Design Fund1$100
Product Design & Prod Processes Dep0$0
Carolyn Hand Myers Scholarship0$0
Thomas Wathen Endowment0$0
Robert J. Nichols, MD Scholarship0$0
Gregory McMichael Engineer Mem Sch0$0
William M Bierhaus Scholarship Fund0$0
Soles for Education Scholarship0$0
Robert E. Green Memorial Sch0$0
Edwin York Scholarship Endowment0$0
Ryan M Donnoe Mem Endow Sch0$0
R D Van Eaton J Deere Program Fund0$0
Brian D Williams Bio-Medical Sch0$0
Good Samaritan Hosp Health Sciences0$0
Dr. Razi Memorial Fund0$0
Broadcasting Department1$50
Jasper Alumni Chapter0$0
John Deere Scholarship0$0
Woodrow Allen Scholarship Fund0$0
Scott Bleemel Mem Law Enforce Sch0$0
thomas Lewis Golf Scholarship0$0
Alumni Association Alpha Chapter Fd0$0
Jasper Alumni Scholarship0$0
Biology Department Fund0$0
Waggoner/Yowell Scholarship0$0
Computer Integrated Manufacturing0$0
Noble P. Sartor Banking Scholarship0$0
Life Science Faculty1$100
Milligan Family Scholarship0$0
Dick and Marilyn Schroeder Scholar0$0
Brian A Kingsbury Precision Mfg Sch0$0
Clarence J. & Emma McCormick Mem0$0
Wanda Morehead Trust Scholarship0$0
Brett Allison Adams Jennings County0$0
Ellis Madding Scholarship Fund0$0
James D & Nancy K Winemiller Sch0$0
Senator Thomas J. Wyss Scholarship0$0
Robert J. Nichols, MD Scholarship0$0
Coach Blemker Baseball Team Fund0$0
C W Chu Plaza Fund0$0
Mildred Vaughn Music Scholarship0$0
Donald G. Bell Scholarship0$0
More Than One Path Scholarship1$1,000
Rose Marie Brian Nursing Scholarshp0$0
Mary L Coxon Memorial Scholarship0$0
Basketball Team Endowment0$0
Col Ray & Peggy Hankins Scholarship0$0
Ben Nathan Scholarship Fund0$0
Alumni Community Series Operating0$0
Dean of College of Health Sciences - Greatest Need Fund0$0
Al Rosenberg Fund0$0
Shake Learning Center Fund0$0
Vincennes Civitan Scholarship0$0
David I Dooley Art Scholarship0$0
Max Meuser Memorial Scholarship0$0
Dr. C. Phillip Fox Scholarship0$0
Dorothy Walters Scholarship0$0
Illiana Watermelon Assn Agri Type A0$0
Modern Foreign Language0$0
Gene B. Dinkins Broadcasting Schol0$0
Veronica J and Lindsay J Turner Mem0$0
Bowen Book Loan Fund0$0
Toyota Leadership0$0
First Baptist Church of Wheatland S0$0
Paul E & Nancy K Anderson Endow Sch0$0
IMSTEA Aviation Tech Maint Scholars0$0
Richard S. Lawless Scholarship Fund0$0
Product Design & Prod Processes Sch0$0
Browing-Hester Scholarship0$0
Dale W & Helen L Courter Scholarshp0$0
Jean Wilkes Nursing Scholarship0$0
J Howard Williams Scholarship0$0
Zimmerman Scholarship0$0
Matthew Kirkman Fire Science Sch0$0
Laura McCormick Memorial Scholarshp0$0
Morley Surveying Scholarship0$0
Daniel & Christine Dittman Sch0$0
Automotive Technology Scholarship0$0
Richard N Howard Department Fund0$0
Harry S. Warner Scholarship Fund0$0
Winifred Wiseman White Scholarship0$0
Sanders J and Elinor Jones Mem Sch0$0
James L Hills Memorial Endow Sch0$0
Brocksmith Agribusiness Scholarship0$0
Lee Law Firm Scholarship0$0
Henry E. Hinkle Scholarship Fund0$0
VU High Tech Internship Program0$0
Amer Structurepoint Surveying Sch0$0
Kyle Joseph Jobin Scholarship0$0
VU Concert Band Fund0$0
Steven (Tank) Ellerman Scholarship0$0
H A and June Richey Dollahan Sch0$0
Charles "Chuck" Duffey Memorial Sch0$0
Herald's John T Rumbach Scholarship0$0
Karen Rae Gines Endowed Scholarship0$0
Greenhouse Project0$0
Marie LaVerne Jones Nursing Scholar0$0
Homeland Security Department Fund0$0
WTHI Broadcasting Scholarship0$0
Tom Knoll Aviation Maintenance Sch0$0
Diesel Truck & Heavy Equipment Sch0$0
Helen & Hugh Williams Trust0$0
Psi Iota Xi Asi Scholarship Fund0$0
VU Land Surveying Alumni Group Fund0$0
Hilda Ruxer Memorial Nursing0$0
Illene Hodgdon Scholarship Fund2$275
Hall Wilder Engineering Scholarship0$0
Construction Tech Scholarship Endow0$0
Caroll Deem Memorial Fund0$0
Niehaus Family Scholarship1$2,500
Southgate Community Center0$0
Rose Marie Brian Nursing Scholarshp0$0
Bowling Team Fund0$0
Illiana Watermelon Assn Agri Endow0$0
Haas Metrology Lebanon Fund0$0
Special Education Department Fund0$0
Vincennes University Ag Club Schol0$0
Elson Sims Scholarship Fund0$0
Begemen Engineering Scholarship0$0
Alfred R. & Helen M. Friesenhengst0$0
Carroll & Sunya Hamner Scholarship0$0
Support Staff Council Scholarship0$0
Doug McCormick Memorial Scholarship0$0
Saul Murillo GED Scholarship Fund0$0
Marjorie W & Harold Huffman Sch0$0
Robert and Vivian Seng Memorial Sch0$0
Katie Winslow Mem Curlinary Arts0$0
Dunseth Endowment Gift Scholarship0$0
Marjorie Sims Scholarship Fund0$0
Cheryl Minderman Wilber Mem Sch0$0
RSVP Fund0$0
Walter A. Davis Dinner Fund0$0
Auto Tech Club Fund0$0
James Jernigan Scholarship Fund0$0
Jet Access Scholarship Fund0$0
VU Foundation Scholarship Fund0$0
Lee Law Firm Scholarship0$0
Gene & Patricia Bathe Endowment Sch0$0
Peggy Archer Memorial Scholarship0$0
Robert & Elaine Pott Fnd Engineer0$0
Kopp Family Fund - LKN Scholarship0$0
Congresswoman Julia Carson Sch0$0
Agnes "Aggie" Vieck Scholarship0$0
Paralegal Program0$0
Science Department0$0
James Skinner Aviation Flight0$0
Gary & Patricia Buntrock Nursing Sc0$0
Aviation Flight Department0$0
Helping His Hands/CCF Fund0$0
Joseph Holmes Mining Scholarship0$0
Med-Health Care Non-Traditional Sch0$0
Hong Kong Alumni Special Fund0$0
John Ostendorf Physics&Engineering0$0
Joyce Hudgins Memorial Scholarship0$0
Funeral Service Department0$0
Summer Concert Series Fund0$0
Julius C. Buettner Memorial Sch0$0
Ruth Caniff Myers Nursing Scholar0$0
South Knox Graduate Scholarship0$0
Pete Hostetler & J D Litherland Sch0$0
Beta Sigma Phi VU Scholarship0$0
F Walker Jr Endowed Sch0$0
Hedden Historic Mural Fund0$0
Campus Christian Fellowship Op Fund0$0
Heminger/Tisch Scholarship Fund0$0
Marva A. Green Scholarship0$0
Womens Basketball Fund0$0
Richard and Cindy Helton Scholar0$0
Mary A Gerhart Nursing Scholarship0$0
Fortnightly Club Scholarship0$0
George S Ridgway Surveying Sch0$0
Social Science Department0$0
Precision Machining Dept Fund0$0
Science & Math Dept Scholarship0$0
Wabash Food Service Scholarship0$0
Richard & Helen Lux Scholarship0$0
Patricia A (Wilson) Dayson Mem Sch0$0
Miss B. Cornelia Carter Scholarship0$0
Kyle Jobin Scholarship0$0
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