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This campaign ended on February 20, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Van Ness Elementary PTO by clicking here!
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Why do you support education?

At GiveCampus, our team is united by our mission to advance the quality, the affordability, and the accessibility of education. This mission drives our daily work—and we know it’s what drives you, too. 

That’s why this year, we’re asking our partner community to join us in living our mission by supporting Van Ness Elementary School with #GCGivesBack. Just steps away from GiveCampus HQ in Southeast Washington DC, Van Ness is building a brighter future by fostering diversity, community, innovation, and inclusion. 

All gifts to #GCGivesBack will go directly to the Van Ness Elementary Parent Teacher Organization to help fund the critical programs and resources that enrich their students' lives. And every gift—no matter the size—will help us unlock our goal of 154 donors (one donor for each GiveCampus partner school represented at #GCPC2020!).

Thank you in advance for supporting our mission and helping Van Ness to grow a generation of compassionate, creative, constant learners. 

About Van Ness Elementary 

Van Ness Elementary School is an innovative public elementary school in the heart of Southeast Washington DC. Since opening in 2015, Van Ness has transformed into an engaging and beautiful place where children, families and educators come together to create an inclusive community that provides authentic experiences and engages the whole child. Van Ness is a place where every student— no matter their socioeconomic means— can thrive.

The Van Ness model cultivates a generation of critical thinkers who are confident, curious, and compassionate members of society and seek to improve their lives, their communities and their world.

A week later and I still can't believe it!

It's a week and a day since #GCGivesBack ended, and I still can't believe the outpouring of support and enthusiasm for our Van Ness Otters.   I'm so grateful to the GiveCampus team for creating this amazing campaign and for introducing us to all the GiveCampus partners.

Being the recipient of gifts from new friends from all over the country bolsters those of us parents, friends and family who already know why Van Ness is worth supporting (I'm looking at you, Van Ness friends! Thanks once again for supporting your school!)  Being chosen to be the recipient of #GCGivesBack is pretty remarkable affirmation of the value of the work Van Ness is doing.

But let's talk a minute about the money!  More than $10,000!  More than double the number of hoped-for donors!  In just three days!  Need to put more explanation marks to express my amazement!! 

You've given us an amazing leg up on making sure our teachers have all the supplies they need to create their fantastic classrooms, our students all have the benefit of experiential learning through field trips, and that we can continue to do the community-building activities that are so important for our diverse school.

Yours in gratitude,


Van Ness Elementary School PTO President

1379 days ago by Rebecca Sohmer
A few hours left and a new matching gift!

We are not done yet! 

Co-Founder and CEO, Kestrel Linder, is matching gifts right now! He will match $25 dollars for every gift that comes in no matter the size. 

3 hours left to go! Let's do this!

1387 days ago by Christina Baddar
There is still time left!

We have loved seeing this board fill up with our amazing GiveCampus community! Don't forget to come pick up your "I Gave" pin if you made your gift! 

Tomorrow is the last day to give, so keep on sharing and spreading the word about #GCGivesBack. 

1387 days ago by Christina Baddar

If you can't tell, all of us are very excited here at GC!  THANK YOU so much for getting us to 200!  We are so excited to see what Day 2 brings!  

1389 days ago by Christina Baddar
The 154th Gift

Elizabeth from The Pike School just made the 154th gift via GC Connect and brought us to our goal!

Thank you to everyone who has made a gift so far! We are so excited! And we are not done yet! We still have two days left with some more fun surprises along the way. Stay tuned for more!

1389 days ago by Christina Baddar
We are almost there!

Thank you all so much for your support of #GCGivesBack. We are almost to our goal of 154 donors. Let's keep going strong! Remember sharing is caring, please click on any of those sharing buttons and tag a friend! 

1389 days ago by Christina Baddar

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