Utica College Performance Lab Campaign

This campaign ended on May 15, 2021, but you can still make a gift to Utica University by clicking here!

Thank you for your interest in supporting the efforts of Utica College Performing and Fine Arts and Communications and Media Departments!  We are currently fundraising toward the development of a Performance Lab. 

What is a Performance Lab? Also known as a "black box theatre," these labs serve as experimental theatres or flexible theatres and stem from the need for different, smaller productions when the main performance space is not appropriate for the performance. It can host small events, serve as a rehearsal space, and has all the parts of a theatre that students need for learning theatrical skills, but in a more intimate, class sized setting.

Why do we need a performance lab? Currently, our performance-oriented classes are taught either in the theater or a traditional classroom. Whether it is the lack of equipment, ambient noise from nearby classrooms, or the lack of a stage, traditional classrooms are less than ideal locations to practice performances. Meanwhile, our ability to use the theatre also has significant limitations. Because it is one of the only "public" spaces on campus, we are limited to the number of events that can be held in the theatre. Additionally, our theatre is simply too large of a performance venue for more intimate events or hands-on instruction. For example, we have a number of technical classes with only 10 students located in a large theatre because that’s where the light board to learn on is located. 

Please consider making a gift to this fund.  A gift of any size can help us reach our goals!

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