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UC is ALLIN4 Academics. Are you? 

Academics are the heart of the UC experience. Support teaching and learning by making a gift to the department or program that means the most to you. Learn more about these specific needs below, or give to a Dean's Discretionary Fund, which enables the Deans to direct funding to their school's most urgent priorities. 

School of Arts & Sciences

  • Dean’s Discretionary Fund: Providing students with an opportunity to conduct research or engage in other scholarly works over the summer with a faculty member is a great way for students to get valuable experience in preparation for graduate school or careers in the Arts and Sciences.  Working directly with a faculty member on a project enhances student learning, enables the student to develop critical thinking skills, creativity, and intellectual independence that benefit their future careers. 
  • UC TV: UCTV is raising funds to purchase equipment necessary to produce live events on campus and in the community. Currently, UCTV is limited to recording events and posting the video at a time. The new equipment will give students the experience of setting up and producing live broadcasts, an essential skill to video production and TV careers. UCTV have set  goal of $7,500 to purchase the camera, tripod, audio board, computer, and all other necessary accessories for live productions.
  • Communications & Theater: The piano in Strebel Auditorium is reaching the end of its useful lifespan and Communications and Theater is seeking to replace it with a model digital piano. A digital piano will never need tuning, has minimal maintenance requirements, and can be plugged into the sound system for performances. Lastly, it is robust enough to withstand the demands of student use, which is very important in this highly utilized performance space.  The Communications and Theater departments have set a goal of $4,000 to purchase the piano.
  • Computer Science: Our two favorite labs in Hubbard Hall could use an upgrade, and help of a dedicated system administrator. B10, our teaching lab, consists of 25 Linux stations, and our upper-division and research lab, B12, another 12 Linux stations. Your contributions will help fund upgrades and a part-time support position. Your support will go a long way in improving our students' experience and widening research opportunities.

School of Business & Justice Studies: 

  • Dean’s Discretionary Fund: 

School of Health Professions & Education: Dean's Discretionary Fund

  • Physical Therapy: Annually, approximately 15-25 students travel to a national physical therapy conferences, such as the American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting.  Many of these students present with their professor at the conferences. Participation in conferences enriches students' experiences and connects them to the professional organization. These conferences offer many educational sessions and networking opportunities and allow them to interact with leaders in the field. The increasing cost of travel, conference registration and accommodations has limited the number of students Utica College can send to the conferences. The department would like to support the travel costs of up to 20 students to attend conferences at a cost of $250 per student per conference. 
  • Occupational Therapy: The OT department is seeking to obtain Multi Sensory Environment equipment. Multi Sensory Environments (MSE) include spaces that assist individuals develop and control their senses. MSEs are widely-used in schools, day program centers, hospitals, and long term care and assisted living centers. Our students need hands-on experiences in using MSEs to assist individuals with sensory processing disorders, mental health disorders, cognitive and learning disorders, dementia, and physical limitations.

Experience & co-curricular funding needs are:

  • UCEMS: Utica College EMS is the main agency responsible for handling all emergencies on campus, as well as, CPR certifying the campus. EMS is seeking to raise $10,000 which will fund the necessary purchase of CPR mannequins, as well as, funding for medical supplies.
  • International Education: The WORLD Project/ Witnessing the Origins of Revolutionary Liberty and Democracy International students coming to Utica College are right in the middle of the geographic origins of the United States with easy access to America’s birth cities. In a 3-4 day trip, students can witness where modern democracy began and how liberty was fought for and tested. Students will visit cultural and historical sites and museums such as the National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, the Freedom Trail in Boston, or the site of the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia to explore the true benefits and the great costs of the revolutionary origins of the United States.  Donations will help with travel costs and entry fees.

Every gift helps us reach our ALLIN4UC goal of 1,500 donors by October 4, 2021. 

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Staff & Faculty 

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