Somos Latinos Unidos Scholarship

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This campaign successfully reached its goal on April 16, 2021!
Gifts to Somos Latinos Unidos Scholarship contribute to:
Parkside Day 2021
608 Donors - $217,967 Donated

We need your help to make Parkside Day 2021 a success.

Make a gift to support student success on Parkside Day. For every 10 donors the Somos Latinos Unidos Scholarship receives, the UW-Parkside Foundation board will unlock $100 towards the scholarship.  

This scholarship provides support to UW-Parkside students who are Hispanic or Latino/a. 

Rangers, let’s see what happens when we all give back, together!

Thank you!

484 days ago by Linnea Booher
Challenge Updates!

Completed challenges: 

HARIBO POWER HOUR match fulfilled

Vonco Products challenge dollars unlocked for the Turf Center Challenge

Alumni POWER HOUR match fulfilled

Rad Grads: A graduation gift from every class year

Community State Bank Turf Center Challenge match fulfilled

HARIBO Ranger Reunion match fulfilled

HARIBO G.O.L.D Bear Challenge round 1 unlocked


What can still happen?

24 Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) can make a gift before midnight and help unlock an additional $5,000 from HARIBO for the Future Focus Fund

72 more CSSPS alums can make a gift to make Dean James get a tattoo

484 days ago by Linnea Booher
Special thanks to our corporate supporters of the Future Focus Scholarship!

484 days ago by Linnea Booher
Just Announced - Rangers Reunited!

Just announced at the virtual Ranger Reunion - even though we've reached 500 donors, HARIBO still wants us to go further with the Future Focus Fund. HARIBO will match $5,000 of alumni gift from now until 6:00pm CST. Let's get active and moving!

484 days ago by Linnea Booher
RAD GRADS for the win!

UW-Parkside alumni are some RAD GRADS! We are excited to share that we have received a gift from someone in every graduating class year (1970-2020). The class of 2020 is currently in the lead with the most donors with 1990 not far behind.

The UW-Parkside Foundation Board has unlocked $2,500 to the Future Focus Fund for this awesome accomplishment.

Thanks for giving back, Rangers!

If you haven't signed up for the virtual alumni Ranger Reunion from 4:30-5:30, there's still time!

Register at: 

484 days ago by Linnea Booher
Challenge Unlocked!


$5,000 has been unlocked by HARIBO to the Future Focus Fund as part of the HARIBO G.O.L.D "Graduates of the Last Decade" Bear Challenge.

Special thanks to Ryan Katona '11 for being lucky donor number 50. There will be some HARIBO swag coming your way to say thanks. 

On to 100 G.O.L.D alumni next!

484 days ago by Linnea Booher
Parkside Day Socks!

Don't forget - any gift of $30 or more and we'll have some Ranger Bear socks with your name on them!

484 days ago by Linnea Booher
Lunch Hour is all things UW-Parkside Alumni!

Jenn Busch '12 and Joe Young '13 coming at you live with more info.

UW-Parkside alumni, YOU are ROCKING Parkside Day 2021. Thank you from the UW-Parkside Foundation, the Parkside Employee Alumni Group, and the UW-Parkside Alumni Association for all of your participation, advocacy and gift giving - what a great morning!

#1 The Parkside Day Alumni Power Hour is kicking off now!
12pm-1pm CST
The UW-Parkside Foundation Board will match the first $4,000 of alumni gifts to one of the day’s featured scholarships or any non-endowed scholarship given during the hour.
#2 Throwback Thursday Photo Challenge
Share a photo from your time at UW-Parkside using #ParksideDay. For every photo posted, the UW-Parkside Foundation Board will donate $5.

#3 Rad Grads - in search of a graduate from every year. If that happens, the UW-Parkside Foundation Board will donate an extra $2,500 to the Future Focus Fund. Class of 2020 is in the lead for having the most donors so far today - way to go recent grads!

484 days ago by Linnea Booher
Update Announcement - Challenges Met - Parkside Day 2021!

What a great morning! Thank you for your Parkside Day support.

We just crossed the $100,000 mark from 349 donors.

Challenges Met:

#1 The HARIBO Power Hour generated $16,000 for the Future Focus Fund from 25 donors!

#2 Turf Center Challenge Power Hour sponsored by Vonco Products generated 38 donors and over $9,000 for the Turf Center Challenge!

Stay tuned for more updates and keep spreading the word. Go Rangers!

484 days ago by Linnea Booher

It's time for the first Ranger Vision 2020 #ParksideDay POWER HOUR sponsored by Vonco Products! We need to get 25 donors in the next HOUR to unlock $7,500 from Vonco Product to the Turf Center Challenge! Support your favorite Ranger team here:

484 days ago by Linnea Booher
Ranger Bear and HARIBO Bear Unite!

What a great way to kick off Parkside Day morning!

Thanks to 21 donors and HARIBO USA, who supported student success and unlocked a full match from HARIBO. Let’s keep the momentum going!

HARIBO is in search of some “G.O.L.D (Graduates Of the Last Decade) BEAR” alumni. The more recent alumni to make a Parkside Day gift, the more HARIBO will unlock for the Future Focus Fund.
To learn more about this special challenge, visit #ParksideDay #uwparkside

484 days ago by Linnea Booher
The Time is Now

Let’s start strong! Two donations made within the first 10 minutes of Parkside Day will be randomly selected to receive an extra $100 each to the UW-Parkside program or cause of their choice.

485 days ago by Linnea Booher

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