This campaign ended on March 06, 2020, but you can still make a gift to University of Wisconsin-Parkside by clicking here!

Everybody needs help at some point in their life. On March 5, we need yours. Parkside Day is a 24 hour challenge to raise dollars for student scholarships and other projects on campus and for you to show your Parkside Ranger spirit. 

UW-Parkside students rely heavily on financial aid and scholarships as they earn their degrees. A scholarship can be the difference between graduating and not graduating. 

So how can you be a part of Parkside Day?

Be a Difference Maker 

Make a gift to support student scholarships. Your gift can be matched or unlock even more dollars for you area of support and you can track our progress online throughout the day.

Be an Advocate 

Help us spread the word! You can support student success and earn prizes by signing up online and sharing activities with your social networks.

Be a Ranger 

Show us your Ranger Spirit. Make sure you're following us on social media so you don't miss out on anything!

What does Parkside Day Support?

Give to what is most meaningful to you. No matter the size, every gift makes a difference.

Future Focus Scholarship 

This scholarship initiative of the UW-Parkside Foundation was created in 2018 as part of UW-Parkside’s 50th Anniversary. The scholarship program goal is to reduce student loan debt and help UW-Parkside students reach their goal of graduation.  


Stay tuned for an exciting Parkside Day announcement about the opportunity to transform the athletics and recreation facilities at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

College of Arts and Humanities - Lois J. Skatrud Theatre Arts Scholarship

Created in honor of longtime theatre creator and enthusiast, this scholarship endowment has the goal of covering 50% of the annual tuition cost for a Parkside theatre arts major.

College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies – Dreams Come True Scholarship

The Sueños Hechos Realidad or “Dreams Come True Scholarship” supports Hispanic or Latino/a students pursuing any major in the College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies.

College of Business, Economics, and Computing – CBEC Advisory Board Scholarship

This scholarship provides support to students in UW-Parkside's College of Business, Economics, and Computing who contribute to the community, university, and CBEC.

College of Natural and Health Sciences – CNHS Advisory Board Scholarship

This scholarship provides support to students in any major in UW-Parkside's College of Natural and Health Sciences who are in good academic standing.

Hey Rangers, let's see how much we can raise together in 24 hours!

Need assistance with your Parkside Day gift? Call Jonathan at our Parkside Day Hotline at 262-595-2443.



Rangers Give Back!

The Rangers Give Back! reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
1972 3$1,7001.5%
1973 4$6,1242.0%
1974 4$2502.0%
1975 1$5000.5%
1976 2$501.0%
1979 3$1701.5%
1980 2$1,0501.0%
1981 2$2751.0%
1982 3$751.5%
1984 1$3000.5%
1985 9$7,4054.5%
1986 5$1,4002.5%
1987 2$1,1001.0%
1988 2$1,0501.0%
1989 4$6,6002.0%
1990 2$5001.0%
1991 3$2251.5%
1992 5$1,3502.5%
1993 3$501.5%
1995 1$1000.5%
1996 3$751.5%
1997 5$1802.5%
1998 1$500.5%
1999 5$1052.5%
2000 5$3002.5%
2001 1$500.5%
2002 2$251.0%
2003 1$500.5%
2005 2$751.0%
2006 2$1001.0%
2007 4$2502.0%
2008 1$1000.5%
2009 4$6252.0%
2010 7$1,1803.5%
2011 3$1701.5%
2012 6$2603.0%
2013 3$551.5%
2014 1$250.5%
2015 6$953.0%
2016 1$250.5%
2017 3$1251.5%
2018 5$1102.5%
2019 7$5023.5%
2020 2$5001.0%
2021 11$1335.5%
2022 16$5828.0%
2023 21$10410.5%
2024 3$751.5%
2031 1$2000.5%

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Donor affiliations

27% Alumni

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10% Students

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9% Parents

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12% Faculty/Staff

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32% Friends

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Andrea Ludwig
Chamika Ellis
Hannah Wallisch
Joel Lange
Ben Monty
Tessa Weber
Maddie Davy
Todd and Tami Powell
John Culshaw
Linnea Booher
Kathleen May
Linda Wawiorka
Abey Kuruvilla
Hayley Maystead
Hayley Maytead
Marjorie Workman
Michael Haubrich
Denise Anastasio
Jacob Powers
Colleen Ryan Kenzinger
Miroslav Kesich & Andji
Cole R Webb
Carla Rivera
Greg Ziel
Dorsey and Cheryl Packard
Katherine Leonard & Ian Sandison
Thomas C Baltes
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Shelly Melendez
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