UVM Catamount Challenge 2018

This campaign ended on April 26, 2018, but you can still make a gift to University of Vermont by clicking here!

The Catamount Challenge is all about supporting your team and a little friendly competition. Make a gift to your favorite UVM Athletics team by April 26 and help them win prizes up to $2,500!

There are three prizes a team can win: (1) $2,500 for most overall donors; (2) $1,500 for most dollars raised; and (3) $1,000 for most alumni donors.

Any gift above $5 to any team counts!

And there are just two simple rules to the competition:

1. One gift per person, per team. But, you can give one gift to as many teams as you'd like, so go crazy!
2. Don't make gifts on behalf of other people. Instead, become an advocate and share!

All gifts will go to your team's Excellence Fund - that means your gift directly helps student-athletes on your favorite team. Make your gift today and support our amazing athletes and teams!

(Note: Gifts during the challenge do not qualify for Victory Club benefits.)



Team Leaderboard

DesignationDonorsDollarsGoal ($)%
Men's Lacrosse Excellence Fund 36$18,755$10,000187.5%
Women's Soccer Team 104$14,350$15,00095.7%
Women's Field Hockey Team 74$10,904$10,000109.0%
Swimming and Diving Program 250$10,625$9,500111.8%
Women's Lacrosse Team 129$8,375$4,500186.1%
Men's Soccer Team 83$8,315$10,00083.2%
Skiing Program 80$3,165$3,000105.5%
Track & Field and Cross Country Program 21$3,002$10,00030.0%
Women's Basketball Team 38$2,400$4,00060.0%
Women's Ice Hockey Team 37$1,665$3,00055.5%
Men's Ice Hockey Team 11$1,500$10,00015.0%
Men's Basketball Team 18$1,025$3,00034.2%
Athletic Performance Department (supported through the Director of Athletics Fund) 15$560$1,00056.0%
Campus Rec Program 0$0$1,0000.0%

Donor affiliations

26% Alumni

Show Alumni

10% Students

Show Students

21% Parents

Show Parents

6% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

23% Friends

Show Friends

Donor list

Susan MacArthur
Kelley Saneman & Chuck Saneman
Carson Laderoute
Kara Lennon
stephen macarthur
Kelly Lennon photoKelly Lennon
Steven J. Korin
Dan Cheever photoDan Cheever
JoAnn M Burke-Hill
Rebecca J Olsen
Artie Bryant
Lena Benwood
Maryrose Sullivan
Kyra Lee photoKyra Lee
Kaitlyn Evarts
Chelsea Stevenson
Dominique Bryant
Chris Karwoski
Cathy Rahill
Alexandria McClure
Marion, E, Woods
Cory Senesac
Rachel Andres
Sarah Wilbur Sprayregen
Michael De Feo photoMichael De Feo
Tim Anderson
Danielle M Prentice
Gabby Bonfigli
Allison Barnaby
Eliza Bradley
Mary M Tattersfield
John J. Caoili & Teresa
Taylor Silvestro Warner
Jill Boardman
Megan Maynard Jacob
Lauren J Goracy

Kevin Sneddon matched $500
Frank and Krista Speno & Frank Speno matched $2,000
An Anonymous Donor matched $5,000
Doug Nedde matched $4,400
Paul Mayer & Betty Mayer matched $1,100
An Anonymous Donor matched $10,000
No Challenges

Only 12 left!

Get 10 friends to give and you'll get a $10 gift card to the UVM Bookstore.


Only 5 left!

Get 25 friends to give and you'll get a $25 gift card to the UVM Bookstore