UVM Catamount Challenge

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This campaign ended on April 19, 2017, but you can still make a gift to University of Vermont by clicking here!
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Anne Trask Forcier photoAnne Trask Forcier & Larry Forcier matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $100Just for Women's Basketball Team
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The Catamount Challenge is all about supporting your team and a little friendly competition. Make a gift to your favorite UVM Athletics team by April 19 and help them win the $5,000 prize!

Any gift above $5 to any team counts! The team that has the most donors at the end of the challenge will win $5,000.

Make your gift today and support our amazing athletes and teams!

(Note: Gifts during the challenge do not qualify for Victory Club benefits.)

8 hours left in the Catamount Challenge

Just a few hours left to go in the Catamount Challenge!

Thanks again for your amazing support throughout this special challenge. 1,100 donors have given more than $31,000 to our athletics teams. 

You have made the the Catamount Challenge one of the most successful crowdfunding efforts ever at UVM!

As we count down the hours to midnight, be sure to go over to the landing page to check on your team and follow the leaderboard.

Thanks again!

2616 days ago by Kevin Morgenstein Fuerst
Update on the UVM Catamount Challenge


Thank you so much for supporting your team (or teams) in the Catamount Challenge!

With 8 days left and 800 donors so far, momentum is still strong and the competition for the top spot is fierce.

So, I wanted give you one way more way to show your pride and share the challenge with others.

Head over to http://go.uvm.edu/vcatshare to customize your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts or snap an "unselfie" photo. 

Whether your team is at the top or bottom of the standings, any team still has a chance to win in this final week. So keep spreading the word and having fun!

You can see the up-to-date leaderboard here: http://go.uvm/edu/gocats.

2624 days ago by Kevin Morgenstein Fuerst

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