The Vermont Connection 2019

This campaign ends on December 31 at 11:59PM EST

Each year, we reach out to our alumnx and friends to support our traditions and culture to enhance the upcoming HESA students' experiences.  

Without your support, we couldn't continue this 50 year legacy. 

In addition to the TVC journal, your gift also provides HESA students with more opportunities to network with alumnx, participate in professional conferences, and ensure the program remains one of the best in the country. 

We are so grateful for your support - please give generously to help reach our $12,000 goal

US Heat Map

Class Year Leaderboard

The Class Year Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
Class YearDonorsDollars
2020 1$200
2019 5$204
2017 3$60
2016 3$175
2015 6$330
2013 1$50
2012 1$50
2011 1$50
2010 3$200
2009 1$50
2007 6$300
2006 7$550
2005 1$100
2002 2$125
2001 9$675
2000 4$225
1999 4$250
1998 1$25
1997 1$50
1995 1$25
1994 4$200
1993 1$250
1992 3$250
1991 1$50
1990 3$350
1988 2$50
1984 2$50
1981 2$200
1979 1$50
1977 2$125
1971 1$54

Donor affiliations

63% Alumni

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1% Students

Show Students

2% Parents

Show Parents

2% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

1% Friends

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Donor list

Judy Nagai
Rachelle Ann (Shelly) Flisser
Jessica Buckley & Jessica Belue Buckley
Jennifer Granger
Jason Cha
Kim Zygadlo & Kim Zygadlo
Jeni Hart
Paul J. McLoughlin II & Jason Shumaker
Mary Beth Carstens
Joe Speidel
Christopher Campbell & Christopher Campbell
Bryan Hartman
Merin Maxwell & James Maxwell
Steven Rose
Rick Gatteau
Darcy Oakes
Jason Johnson
Kirsten Fox
Laura Megivern
Jill Hoppenjans & Elizabeth Adams
Tricia Williamson Pineda
Alexis Andres
Paula Cogan Myers
Macki Snyder
Michelle Brisson
Jeffrey Milem
Anne Peters
Jessica Cotton photoJessica Cotton
Joey Leon
Kayla Goldberg
Sabrina Kwist
Janet Terp
Lester Manzano
Anat Levtov
Akirah Bradley
Nakiya Findley & Robert Drago
Jessica Sanchez-Williams
Michael Drucker
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