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Whether you are in high school looking to take college-level courses, working toward your degree, or just interested in taking a few courses, University College has a full set of educational options to meet your needs.

University College offers:

  • Guidance and tools to help undecided students explore degrees to help them determine their perfect fit.
  • Flexible online programs and customized degree programs for adult learners to earn or complete an associate's degree or bachelor's degree.
  • Opportunities to transfer up to 90 credits and/or utilize the Prior Learning Assessment process to receive credit for relevant work, including volunteer work and life experiences.
  • An array of specialized services and programs are available to:
    • Assist military veterans enrolling at the University
    • Help prepare students for military service through the Army ROTC Rocket Battalion 
    • Administer UT testing services
    • Connect off-campus workforce locations with on-campus education, and much more! 

Funding priorities:

University College Progress Fund (2400268)

Provides general support for the college.

ROTC Fund (2148036)

The study lounge for ROTC students helps foster their success and growth while providing these students with a relaxed space in between classes, during exams, or before or after group meetings.

Mary Ann Heinrichs Alumni Scholarship (1300117)

Provides scholarship support for students demonstrating superior academic achievements. Recipients are selected by the University College Alumni Affiliate Board.

Dennis Lettman Complete Your Degree Scholarship (1302261)

Provides scholarship support for a student enrolled in University College and who is a senior in his or her final two semesters before graduation or within 24 credit hours of graduation.

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