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This campaign ended on October 17, 2018, but you can still make a gift to University of Toledo by clicking here!

Thank you to those who participated last year in The University of Toledo’s first Day of Giving, Rocket Forward: You Launch Lives. The generosity of Toledo Law alumni and donors during the 36-hour fundraising campaign supported scholarship programs, strengthened faculty research and helped students complete their degrees and launch their legal careers.

Toledo Law is working hard to make the 2018 Day of Giving even more successful. Please consider a gift to one of our funding priorities below and help Toledo Law top the college leaderboards.
For descriptions of additional fund designations, please visit the College of Law website. Thank you for your support.

Funding priorities:

Law Annual Fund (2400047)

Gifts support Toledo Law’s campaign for excellence. Funds are put to work immediately to support student success and new initiatives including bar preparation, legal clinics, internships, and fellowships. These unrestricted gifts enable us to meet our most-pressing needs to continue offering students an outstanding educational experience.

Vincent M. Nathan Memorial Diversity Program Fund (2402492)

Gifts support Toledo Law in our efforts to recruit diverse students into the legal profession and to maintain an inclusive environment for diverse students during their time at the College, helping them thrive as law students and excel in their legal careers. The fund was named in memory of former Toledo Law Professor Vincent M. Nathan.

Law Review Progress Fund (2400520)

Members of Law Review know the countless hours spent researching, organizing, editing, citation checking, and facilitating the annual symposium. No UT staff member has been more committed to supporting Law Review than Peggy Ery, who retired in 2017. Gifts will help Toledo Law create the endowed Peg Ery Law Review Fund in recognition of her 23 years of service and dedication to the organization.

Toledo Women’s Bar Association Scholarship Fund (2402493)

Gifts support the endowment of a scholarship program by the Toledo Women’s Bar Association (TWBA). The TWBA scholarship will be offered each year to an outstanding Toledo Law student and Women’s Law Student Association (WLSA) member, who actively demonstrates a commitment to women’s issues.

Robin M. Kennedy Memorial Fund (2400047)

Gifts support the endowment of a fund in memory of Professor Robin M. Kennedy. Kennedy was a beloved, longtime faculty member at Toledo Law and former director of the College's mental health law clinic.

US Donor Map

Global Donor Map

Designation Leaderboard

Law Annual Unrestricted Fund (2400047) 47$12,381
Robin M. Kennedy Memorial Fund (2400047) 44$2,351
Vincent M. Nathan Memorial Diversity Program Fund (2402492) 27$3,129
Toledo Women's Bar Association Scholarship Fund (2402493) 22$2,320
Law Review Progress Fund (2400520) 21$1,220
College of Law General Scholarship (2400948) 14$360
LGBTQ Advocacy Scholarship (1302433) 9$1,120
Beth Eisler Student Assistance Fund (2402098) 6$145
Black Law Student Association/Torrence Greene Memorial Scholarship (1300542) 5$275
Law Student Gift Fund (2401833) 3$250
Moot Court Progress Fund (2400519) 3$65
Toledo Women Lawyers History Project (2402141) 2$30
Legal Institute of the Great Lakes Fund (2400276) 2$45
Judge Joseph A. Flores Memorial Scholarship Fund (1301218) 2$50
Judge Francis and Jane Restivo Scholarship Fund (1300666) 1$50
Law Library Progress Fund (1300338) 1$15
Dong Lo Yuen Endowed College of Law Library Fund (1301417) 1$20
Legal Clinic Progress Fund (2400518) 1$100
Anthony G. Pizza Scholarship Fund (1300667) 1$100
Professor Ron Raitt Scholarship Fund (1302259) 0$0
Patricia Ann Duhart Scholarship Fund (1300959) 0$0

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
1972 1$50
1975 1$100
1976 2$300
1977 2$500
1978 1$75
1981 2$75
1982 3$250
1984 2$1,150
1985 1$2,500
1989 1$50
1991 2$300
1992 3$225
1993 2$100
1994 2$250
1996 3$1,125
1997 3$90
2000 2$115
2004 1$100
2005 2$150
2006 4$275
2007 1$500
2008 2$150
2009 1$50
2013 3$85
2014 1$25
2017 2$30
2019 1$50
2020 26$570
2021 25$530
2022 1$25

Donor affiliations

29% Alumni

Show Alumni

36% Students

Show Students

2% Parents

Show Parents

21% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

11% Friends

Show Friends

Donor list

Nick Kulik
Shawn Nelson
Antonette Marsteller
The Giannettis - Lorrie/Joe, Liz/Joe, Ashlee/Jeff
Sandra M. Rolletta
Raina C Dawson
Thomas Kurt
Patricia H Kurt
Alex Bayoneto
Thomas M. Wochok
Linda G held
Karl E Strauss
John B McLaughlin
Shelby C Roberts
Janine Thompson Avila
Adam J. Motycka
Lori Olender
Don and Nancy Gifford
Rebecca E. Zietlow
Anthony LaCerva
Roger W. Andersen
Jessica Knouse
Bob and Peggy Hopperton
Elizabeth Bostdorff photoElizabeth Bostdorff
Jack Zouhary
Jack Zouhary
Barbara J Greely
Kelly A. Kszywienski
James R. Knepp
Linda Knepp
Daniel Kall
Matthew R. Hochstetler
Joseph Barroso

Nicole Kurtanich photoNicole Kurtanich matched $15
Nick Goedde photoNick Goedde matched $20
Ashley Gluss photoAshley Gluss matched $20
Daniela Peric photoDaniela Peric matched $20
Billy Jeffers photoBilly Jeffers matched $20
Heather Karns matched $25
Jordan Held photoJordan Held matched $25
Ruth Marzolo photoRuth Marzolo matched $50
The Toledo Bar Association LGBTQ Council matched $560
No Challenges

Any advocate who generates three donations will receive a shout-out on social media.


Any advocate who generates five donations will receive a UT car magnet.


For every 10 donations generated, the advocate’s name will be put into a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card.


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The first advocate to generate 25 or more donations will receive a UT blanket.