College of Health and Human Services

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The University of Toledo College of Health and Human Services offers programs that align with schools of excellence focused on population health, social justice, exercise and rehabilitation sciences, as well as intervention and wellness. The College provides innovative instruction to prepare students to work in the fields of health and human services.

Additionally, the College seeks opportunities to bring alumni and supporters together to share knowledge and research, network with fellow professionals, mentor rising students, and reconnect with former mentors and faculty. Our goal is to be recognized as one of the country’s premier providers of health science and human service education.

The College’s flourishing programs continue to attract talented students, and our graduates are in high demand for employment. To continue our commitment to academic excellence and provide exceptional care to patients and clients, the College depends on philanthropic support.

Funding priorities:

College of Health and Human Services Progress Fund (2402176)

This fund supports instruction and research and provides the opportunity to invest in resources that will have the greatest impact, such as student travel for professional development, faculty research and other high-need areas within the College.

Human Trafficking & Social Justice Institute (2402218)

As an international leader in addressing sex and labor trafficking, the Institute coordinates services, develops evidence-based practices, and contributes to legislative policy at the state and national levels to combat trafficking and serve victims.

Physical Therapy Fund (2402454)

This fund benefits the department of Physical Therapy, including programmatic support, travel, research and scholarships.

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Thomas J McLoughlin
Louis Guardiola
Mike Dillon
Mackenzie Haines
Lipinski, Cassandra
Jasmin Abu Hummos

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