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We are the College of Graduate Studies. Known for the strength of our academic programs, we pride ourselves on developing highly skilled and experienced individuals in diverse fields. From business and engineering to nursing and law, each program is rooted in intensive faculty-student mentorships, with one-on-one and small-group components. Our faculty team provides the individualized support that is key to student success. We inspire, challenge, train and guide students to achieve their advanced degrees.

Many of our excellent graduate students face financial challenges that may cause them to delay or terminate pursuit of their graduate degree. You can make a difference. UT offers more than 170 graduate programs and 790 graduate faculty ready to help our students achieve personal and professional benefits to last a lifetime. Your donation will be used to provide direct financial support in the form of scholarships to graduate students in need.

Please contribute today to support UT graduate students!

Funding Priorities:

Graduate Program Progress Fund (2148211)

Supports priority needs of the College of Graduate Studies.

Graduate Studies General Scholarship (2402267)

Offers general scholarship money to Graduate Studies students. Will also allow those awards and scholarships provided through non-scholarship funds.

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