2019 Health & Human Services Day of Giving

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2019 Rocket Forward: You Launch Lives

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2019 Rocket Forward: You Launch Lives
2019 Health & Human Services Day of Giving
2,778 Donors
$859,990 Donated

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The University of Toledo College of Health and Human Services offers programs that align with schools of excellence focused on population health, social justice, exercise and rehabilitation sciences, as well as intervention and wellness. The college provides innovative instruction to prepare students to work in the fields of health and human services.

Additionally, the college seeks opportunities to bring alumni and supporters together to share knowledge and research, network with fellow professionals, mentor rising students, and reconnect with former mentors and faculty. The college’s success is driven by the goal of becoming one of the country’s premier providers of health science and human service education.

The College’s flourishing programs attract talented students, and employers seek the college’s graduates for professional employment. Your gift during the 2019 Day of Giving will support our commitment to academic excellence and help us provide exceptional care to patients and clients.

Funding priorities: 

College of Health and Human Services Progress Fund (2402176) 

This fund supports instruction and research and provides the opportunity to invest in resources that will have the greatest impact, such as student travel for professional development, faculty research and other high-need areas within the College.

Human Trafficking & Social Justice Institute (2402218)

As an international leader in addressing sex and labor trafficking, the Institute coordinates services, develops evidence-based practices, and contributes to legislative policy at the state and national levels to combat trafficking and serve victims.

US Donor Map

Global Donor Map

Designation Leaderboard

College of Health and Human Services Progress Fund (2402176) 71$909
Speech and Hearing Fund (2148050) 17$525
Physical Therapy Fund (2402454) 9$273
Human Trafficking Progress Fund (2402218) 8$2,787
Dr. James Price Doctoral Research Endowment (1301738) 7$375
Graduate Athletic Training Education & Research Initiatives Fund (2402044) 6$351
Lewis Rolfes Heldt Scholarship (1300976) 6$205
Center for Successful Aging (2600301) 5$151
Christopher Bork Scholarship Fund in Public Health (2402074) 4$145
Catherine L. Hornbeck Diversity Scholarship (2402081) 4$76
Occupational Therapy Fund (2600138) 3$300
Connie Schondel Memorial Fund (1302241) 3$175
Martin H. Ritchie Endowed Scholarship in Counselor Education Fund (1301935) 3$130
National Youth Sports Program (2148202) 2$125
Exercise Biology Research and Education Fund (2401902) 1$50
Jeanne and George Horen Scholarship (1301940) 1$100
Respiratory Care Progress Fund (2400599) 1$25
Center for Health and Successful Living Fund (2402210) 1$25
Marie and Lawrence Janes Health Information Management Fund (2401754) 1$50
David M. Huffstetler Scholarship Fund (2402376) 1$25
William R. Delaney, Jr., Memorial Scholarship (1300251) 1$100
Friends of Paralegal Studies Scholarship Fund (1300789) 1$1
Counseling and Mental Health Services Progress Fund (2400939) 1$5
Timothy & Dr. Susan Pontius Fund (1301233) 1$50
Recreation and Leisure Studies Endowment Fund (1300235) 1$5
Undergraduate Legal Specialties Progress Fund (2148112) 1$150
Social Work Progress Fund (2401101) 1$50
Multifaceted Stuttering Services Fund (2402049) 0$0
Criminal Justice Progress Fund (2400940) 0$0

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16% Alumni

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16% Students

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3% Parents

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31% Faculty/Staff

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3% Friends

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Paul Rega
Sherry F. Tripepi
Holly Eichner
James Tuschman
Staci L. Sturdivant
Ashley Teets
Grant Norte
Lori DuBose
Heather Robbins
Lauren E Miller
Tanesha walker
Louis Guardiola
Erica Czaja
Ketki Raina
Barry Scheuermann
Janaver Kyser
Henry, J., Marshall
Heather Tessler
Shari Norte
Theresa Kujawa
Jody Morris
Christopher J. Delaney
April Ames
Leah Marchetti
Aravindhan Natarajan
Charles L Vogel IV
Ahmed Al-Chalabi
Steve Tucker
Theresa Koelsch
Suzanne Martin
Kristi Guzzonato
Michelle Taylor
Pam M. Weaver

TamiNorris photoTami Norris matched $25
Ruthie Kucharewski matched $100
Joseph Dake matched $200
Deb Dauer photoDeb Dauer matched $500
Alexia Metz gave $100
Roberto Padilla gave $1,000
An Anonymous Donor gave $1,000 because $1,000 was donated in 1 day.