Support Brewing Research: Fund a QC2 Lab Research Student

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The QC2 lab isn’t your typical research lab at the University of Southern Maine. Our focus is to help answer important questions in the brewing industry that focus on the use of cutting edge analytical methods. Throughout every step of our research our undergraduate students in chemistry and biochemistry work alongside our faculty and staff. We believe our students have immense potential to do impactful research, and we work hard to create unique and engaging educational opportunities for our undergraduate students that build the STEM workforce by setting our students up for success as they enter their first careers or move on to graduate school. We believe that collaborating with the craft beverage industry is an engaging way for both the industry and our undergraduates to learn more about the science of their craft.

We are asking for you to support our efforts in providing these impactful learning experiences to our students by donating to the lab to fund one research student for the 2022/2023 academic year. These are invaluable experiences that shape our students’ lives and help them achieve their future career goals.

Your gift will go directly to fund a student to work on brewery related research in the QC2 lab during the coming academic year and beyond. This experience provides the student with the opportunity to: 

  • Learn cutting edge laboratory techniques,
  • Expand their problem solving and critical thinking skills, 
  • Work directly with community partners in the brewing industry and witness the important of science in this industry,
  • Present their research to chemists from all over the world at the American Chemical Society National meeting in the Spring of 2023. 

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