Dare to Dream: USM's Day of Giving

This campaign ended on November 15, 2017, but you can still make a gift to University of Southern Maine by clicking here!

Dare to Dream: 24-Hours of Giving, a Lifetime of Impact

Many USM students were told “You can’t do it” when they first decided to go to college. They didn’t have enough money. They didn’t have enough time. They had to work, or take care of their family. But that didn’t stop them. They found a way because that’s what USM students do – they dare to dream.

We owe it to them to fight for their chance at a better future.

USM’s Dare to Dream campaign begins today and ends on our Day of Giving, November 15. That means we could raise at least $200,000 for our students if each one of us gives what we can afford today.

The USM Community is a mighty network. Together, we can tell more students “You do it. We you can.” From the student who never expected to go to college because nobody in her family had ever done so. To the student who went to a college out-of-state until he realized his student loans would take 30 years to pay off. To the student who is raising three children and realized she wants to provide more for her family.

These students are USM. They never asked for handouts, but they sure could use a helping hand. That’s why we’re asking for your help. You can be the game changer in someone’s life.

Please join us by giving what you can to USM before midnight on November 15.

Thank you!



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