UNC Asheville Bulldogs Wherever We Are

This campaign ends on June 30 at 11:59PM EDT

UNC Asheville is our home. 

For our students and alumni, it is the place we learn, make lifelong friends, and are inspired to go out and change the world. For our friends, parents, and community members it is a place where we watch our family thrive, learn something new through community lectures, or enjoy an athletics game or performance.

Our UNC Asheville home isn’t just a place. It is a resilient family of Bulldogs who support one another whether we are near or far. 

Whether we are celebrating times of great joy or are facing great challenges, whether we are together at our UNC Asheville home or scattered across the world, we are #BulldogsWhereverWeAre.

Let’s take care of our home and one another by supporting our areas of greatest need.

These funds bring our community together from afar through online courses and events; they provide healthy food and emergency support to students in need; and they continue to open doors to a UNC Asheville education for future students.

Gifts to the UNC Asheville fund enable the University to be nimble in times of challenge from providing vital support for moving our classes online to funding special initiatives to provide additional services to students in need.

The Food Equity Initiative is dedicated to providing healthy food to students struggling with food insecurity. The program is now providing one-on-one support for students staying in the area who are unable to find healthy food options they can afford while off-campus.

The Remote Technology Support fund meets the technology needs of our students, faculty, and staff as they take their learning and teaching online. 

Just like the UNC Asheville fund, when you give to your home department, your support will help extend their classrooms across the country, as they provide their courses remotely without losing what makes our learning experience so special.

From providing off-campus housing to healthy meals to counseling services, the Student Emergency fund enables our faculty and staff to quickly respond to student emergencies and needs that arise during this time.

Your support enables us to continue to provide scholarship funding to our deserving student-athletes through the spring and summer semesters. With the cancelation of spring NCAA tournaments and matches, which supplied important scholarship monies to all of its affiliated schools, philanthropic gifts are vital to continue to meet our student-athletes' needs through scholarships. 

Our graduating seniors certainly had a unique final semester. With a gift of $20.20, you can honor their amazing achievements and provide support for special events and communications to celebrate their UNC Asheville experience.

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47% Alumni

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1% Students

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7% Parents

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15% Faculty/Staff

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18% Friends

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Donor list

David B. Greene
Kimberly P. Z. Oetting & Robert Oetting
Renee Rallos
Mitchell L Grooms
Leah M Fagan & Caitlin Kelleher
Paul Fanning
Mary R Mason
Donna Glick
Dave Childers
Karen Atkinson-Tull
Kelly Carroll
Diane E Millikan & Jim Millikan
Mack Salley
Suzanne W. Brsyon
Heather Enloe Hudson & Heather
Roger L Gilmore
David Reid & Jane Carroll
Michael Housley & Michael
Mary Garwood
Bulldog Catholics
Kenneth Dierks & Lucy
Ellen O'Briant Burwell
FernLeaf Interactive, LLC
Mary E Jarrett
Michele Pinkerton Lawhern
Nichole Leonardi
Cortland Mercer
Chloe Gagin
Athena Fox Brooks
Amanda Patterson
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