The 2019 Bulldog Challenge

This campaign ended on March 31, 2019, but you can still make a gift to University of North Carolina Asheville by clicking here!

It’s Bulldog vs. Bulldog as each UNC Asheville team competes in the annual Bulldog Challenge. 

Make a gift to support your favorite UNC Asheville athletic program. The team with the most unique donors on March 31 will be crowned our 2019 Bulldog Challenge Champions. Will your team emerge victorious? You decide!

Last year’s Bulldog Challenge was historic. We are counting on YOU to help break that record this year as we seek to continue our winning streak by raising $175,000 to support current programs and student-athletes. 

Your gift directly impacts today’s scholar-athlete by providing scholarships, tutoring, and essential academic support that allow your Bulldogs to compete at the highest level.

GiveCampus FAQs

How are GiveCampus recurring gifts displayed in the Bulldog Challenge’s totals and leaderboard standings?
The lifetime value of a recurring gift made to the Bulldog Challenge through GiveCampus is displayed in the campaign's totals and leaderboard standings. For example, if you choose to give $10 monthly for two years, $240 will be added to the Bulldog Challenge campaign totals and your team designation on the leaderboard standings.

What is the difference between a GiveCampus recurring gift and a paper pledge agreement?
When you make a recurring gift to the Bulldog Challenge on GiveCampus, the lifetime value of that gift is added to the Bulldog Challenge campaign totals and leaderboard standings (as outlined above). 

If a donor makes a multi-year paper pledge agreement with the University, you can choose one of the following options:
A) I want the lifetime value of my pledged gift to be added to the 2019 Bulldog Challenge campaign total and leaderboard standings.
B) I only want the value of my pledged gift fulfilled during the 2019 fiscal year to be added to the Bulldog Challenge campaign total and leaderboard standings. The University’s 2019 fiscal year runs from July 1- June 30. 

Keep in mind that if you choose option A, we can not give credit for one pledge to multiple campaigns. The portion of the pledge you fulfill in years to come will not be eligible to count toward future Bulldog Challenge campaigns. 

How do GiveCampus recurring gifts affect Matches and Challenges?
The lifetime value of GiveCampus recurring gifts will count toward Bulldog Challenge Matches and Challenges. For example, if a donor chooses to give $500 yearly for three years (a total of $1,500 over three years), and there is an applicable $1 per $1 live Match at the time, $1,500 will be matched as a result of the recurring gift.


Athletics TeamsDonorsDollars
Baseball 91$96,245
Men's Soccer 87$29,435
Volleyball 114$17,786
Women's Soccer 51$12,860
Men's Basketball 19$11,700
Athletic Scholarships 31$11,625
Women's Basketball 90$10,901
Track/Field & Cross Country 145$8,879
Tennis (Women's & Men's) 31$5,200
Swim & Dive 76$4,064
Women's Golf 40$2,640

Donor affiliations

22% Alumni

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10% Students

Show Students

19% Parents

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7% Faculty/Staff

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34% Friends

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Donor list

Matt Waissen
Bobby Houston Jr.
F Patrick Listermann
Madeline M Nichols
Isaac Tymann
Angel and Robert Washington
Thomas York
John A Rulevich
Eileen Hall
Keith Scruggs
Corey McVay photoCorey McVay
Noreen McManus-Stuart
Madison M Rogan
Marlee Burgess
Skylar Rogan
Hannah Stuart
Marc Rosenbalm & Melissa
Ellis Nelson
Craig Deery
Cindy Deery
Cindy Peterman & Mark Peterman
John Turner & Donna
Kasey Gilliam
Julia McAfee
Kirk Ermels
Morgan Rulevich
Chris Britton
Kelli Fisher
mary stack
Tyree McFalling
David Meyer
Hannah C Bruno
Chance Burwell
Khyre Burwell
Saray Shelby-Coote

David and Traci Meyer matched $750
Larry and Barbara Griswold matched $5,000
Leslie McCullough Casse photoLeslie McCullough Casse matched $7,000
Dr. Donald Henson '84 and Debra Henson matched $10,000
John Hepler '93 matched $10,600
An Anonymous Donor matched $15,000
Ryan Dull '12 matched $15,000
No Challenges