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As we face a global health crisis, we know that this is a time of significant and unprecedented challenge for many, especially in communities facing food insecurity. We know that college students are disproportionately impacted by food insecurity with more than 40% across the country facing food insecurity each year.

The Food Equity Initiative at UNC Asheville is an essential part of ensuring that our students continue to have access to nutritious foods during these uncertain times. 

The Food Equity Initiative is dedicated to providing healthy food to students struggling with food insecurity. During the school year when the University is operating under normal circumstances, the Food Equity Initiative sources and distributes fresh, healthy food across campus through free community meals, food distributions, and Community Food Bowls. In addition to fueling the UNC Asheville community, we also offer informational events, programs, and resources that promote nutrition.  

We have adapted our programs to implement social distancing practices to take care of our students' health. Many students staying in the area still struggle to find affordable, healthy food options while they are off-campus. We meet with them one-on-one and bring them to our food pantry, where they can take as many non-perishable items as they can carry. 

We also continue to employ students through the Food Equity Initiative, as they compile resources, communicating with their student community, and have even started filming videos on how to create and manage your own garden.

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