2020 Student Philanthropy Week

This campaign ended on October 12, 2020, but you can still make a gift to University of North Carolina Asheville by clicking here!

UNC Asheville students care about our fellow Bulldogs and our communities. 

When we are all facing challenges, Bulldogs lend a paw to enable all members of the UNC Asheville family to thrive.

During Student Philanthropy Week, student organizations are rallying together to raise vital funding for areas on campus that matter to them. The group with the greatest number of unique donors by noon on Monday, October 12 receives an extra gift to their fund from Ko Barrett, class of 1994 and member of the UNC Asheville Alumni Association Board of Directors.

1st Place: $350
2nd Place: $100
3rd Place: $50

Throughout the week, students across campus are invited to learn how philanthropic support impacts their UNC Asheville experience while seeing how their fundraising efforts can make a meaningful impact on their fellow students. From a Paws to Say Thank You event on the Quad to a special Bonding of the Bulldogs virtual event featuring alumni in non-profit careers, students have many opportunities to get involved. 

Alumni are invited to participate in two fun virtual events during Student Philanthropy Week:

Learn more about our participating student groups and the funds that matter to them. Then lend a paw by giving a gift of any size to help them end the week with the most unique donors. 

Who We Are: SAA is a student group focused on connecting students with alumni, promoting student engagement and school spirit, and instilling the value of philanthropy among the campus community. SAA works within the UNC Asheville Office of Alumni Relations to enhance the student experience on campus and prepare students for life after UNC Asheville.

UNC Asheville Fund: When changes occur, it is the UNC Asheville Fund that provides the needed flexibility to support a wide range of student needs. From funding health protective measures across campus to new technology to make online learning dynamic and engaging, the UNC Asheville fund has been vital during these uncertain times. 

Why We Lend a Paw

"The UNC Asheville fund helps the university remain flexible to fit just about any circumstance that might come our way. As a student, I am so grateful to have a fund like this during these times to help my university pivot just about any way it needs to so that I and my peers can be successful. I am so excited to participate in Student Philanthropy Week and help bring awareness to these amazing funds that help keep UNC Asheville a top-tier university!"

- Student Alumni Association President

Who We Are: SGA serves students through organization, representation, education, and leadership. We work in collaboration with student organizations, academic departments, university administration, the Association of Student Governments, local Asheville businesses and organizations, and many other partners to advocate for students and enhance the student experience.

Student Emergency Fund: From providing off-campus housing to healthy meals to counseling services, the Student Emergency fund enables our faculty and staff to quickly respond to student emergencies and needs that arise during this time.

Why We Lend a Paw

"SGA will be participating in Student Philanthropy week to help raise money for the student emergency fund! We hope this week will help us all gain understanding of the many ways we can give back to our community. The Student Emergency fund is more important than ever with the world we live in and this week of promoting will help us raise awareness on the resources we have available as UNCA students." 

- Student Government Association President

Who We Are: The Student Environmental Center is a student-funded student-run department that seeks to engage students, faculty, staff, and the Asheville community in conversation and action around environmental issues. We are a campus resource for information related to environmental stewardship, university sustainability, and community outreach.

Food Equity Initiative: The Food Equity Initiative is dedicated to providing healthy food to students struggling with food insecurity. The program supports students through weekly food distributions with extra safety measures this semester, while still providing a diverse array of groceries at no-cost.

Why We Lend a Paw

"More than 40% across the country face food insecurity each year. Food Equity Initiative was founded and is run by passionate students who are dedicated to food justice. At the Student Environmental Center, we proudly participate in Student Philanthropy Week to bring awareness to this program, and to make sure no Bulldog goes hungry."

- Co-Director of the Student Environmental Center

Designation Leaderboard

Student Org LeaderboardDonorsDollars
SAA - UNC Asheville Fund 34$545
SEC - Food Equity Initiative 30$496
SGA - Student Emergency Fund 13$226

Donor affiliations

31% Alumni

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11% Students

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5% Parents

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5% Faculty/Staff

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40% Friends

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Donor list

Sebiguri J Chabikuli
Liz Alarcon
Joseph Carey
Deborah Carey
Teresa, N, Chabikuli
Alice Gu
Merrick Haston
Stephen Edoka
Baker Quillin
Jonathan M Perez
Garrett Corrado
Teresa L Beverley
Ernest E. Lee
Marie Cook
Richard Cook
Heather Quinn & Heather Quinn
Coty Jude
Shelley Hay
Arnold Marshall
Caitlin Halloran Edwards
Laura Roberts
David D. Marshall
Bethany Beasley
Casey N Kellogg
Eliana C Weiner
Courtney V Galatioto
Cerise Glenn Manigault

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