UNC Asheville Lunar Robotics Team

This campaign ended on April 30, 2020, but you can still make a gift to University of North Carolina Asheville by clicking here!

Support UNC Asheville’s first-ever lunar robotics team! 

Our team of ambitious engineering students is breaking new ground by entering NASA’s 9th annual Robotic Mining Competition at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida where we will compete against fifty teams from around the country. With your help, we’re ready to build two robots that could change the future of lunar mining. 

We’ll be working with underserved middle and high school students to expose them to STEM fields and inspire the next generation of innovators and explorers

Your gift to the UNC Asheville Lunar Robotics Team will directly support motors, electronics, and hardware to create a first-class lunar robot.

Our robots must mine simulated lunar ice under harsh conditions, collecting as much material as possible in 15 minutes. Technologies like these are vital to the future of lunar missions like NASA’s Artemis program. We are excited to represent UNC Asheville in this momentous endeavor!

Donors like you are critical to our success. Make your gift today!

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