Hawkapella's Studio EP: The Final Push!

13% of $3,000 goal
This campaign ended on April 03, 2017, but you can still make a gift to University of Massachusetts-Lowell by clicking here!

Thank you all so much for your amazing support of Hawkapella's first-ever studio EP! With your help, UMass Lowell's first and only all-male a cappella group was able to fund our recording and mixing process, with over $2,500 for our cause. We are so grateful for your support, and want to make one final push to truly make this campaign an incredible success.

This second round of crowdfunding will help make many of the most polished, professional components of this EP a reality. Our goal is to raise an additional $3,000 to raise the caliber of the project even further. Money raised from this campaign will help us hire a graphic designer for our EP art, produce the physical CDs that we will be able to distribute at shows in the future, and put on an incredible release party and premiere concert experience for all to enjoy! Any money donated beyond our campaign goals will keep Hawkapella a sustainable, well-funded university entity in the future.

We still have some incredible perks that we will be fulfilling within the next few weeks, and are so excited to share it with you. If you have any questions, please email Hawkapella@uml.edu so we can share with you what our goals are and how you can best support us in the coming semester! Thank you!

Larghissimo ($1 - $9.99): Personal Thank You Email
Thank you for supporting us in this new endeavor! We will send you a note from all of us to show you how much we appreciate your generosity.

Grave ($10 - $19.99): Access to HawkaVlogs
You get access to a series of video blogs chronicling our journey to the EP, hosted and produced by Hawkapella!

Largo ($20 - $29.99): Download of “Come On Eileen”
We will send you a download of Hawkapella's first ever studio release, "Come On Eileen," originally performed by Dexy’s Midnight Runners, recorded and mixed by Hawkapella alum Nick "Shawapeelo" Canovas.

Lento ($30 - $49.99): Video Thank You
We will create a personalized video thank you from our members to you! Each of these will be unique and personalized, no carbon-copies!

Larghetto ($50 - $74.99): Download of Pre-Release Single
You will receive the first single off the EP as soon as it is available for release! We will be announcing the single after recording is completed. Estimated time of delivery January - March 2017. Delivery time subject to change based on crowdfunding completion, recording dates, and mixing and mastering process. Details about production will be included on Hawkapella’s website, social media, and the HawkaVlogs.

Adagio ($75 - $99.99): Video Serenade
Hawkapella wants to sing for you! You will be able to request a video serenade from Hawkapella's main set, back pocket, or standard repertoire! We will take time during rehearsal to dedicate a performance to you.

Andante ($100 - $149.99): Download EP
You will receive a digital download of Hawkapella's first ever EP! The brand new EP will be a reflection on our brotherhood and the songs we love to sing together, and you will be one of the first people to hear it. Estimated time of delivery May 2017. Delivery time subject to change based on crowdfunding completion, recording dates, and mixing and mastering process. Details about production will be included on Hawkapella’s website, social media, and the HawkaVlogs.

Andantino ($150 - $199.99): VIP Seats at NoA7
We want you front row, center at our next big concert! NoA7 is slated for April 23, 2017 at Durgin Hall, and the first people to claim this perk will be closest to the action. Limit 6 seats per donation. Contact hawkapella@uml.edu if you have special considerations for seating.

Moderato ($200 - $299.99): Invitation to Pre-Release Party
Your generosity gets you an invitation to a listening party with us BEFORE the EP drops! We will provide refreshments, a breakdown on each of the arrangement's history and recording process, and sign anything you throw at us! Date TBD.

Allegretto ($300 - $399.99): Skype Hawkapella Concert & Q&A
For the support you have shared with us, we will Skype you into a rehearsal for an hour concert/Q&A combo! You can request your favorite tunes, delve into the behind the scenes, and see how we make our music up close! Hawkapella will contact each contributor at this level individually to plan a Skype session. All Skype Concerts and Q&As will be held between 7 PM and 9:30 PM on Thursdays or Sundays during the semester.

Allegro ($400 - $499.99): Liner Notes 
We want to credit you for your extremely generous contribution. We will credit you as a "Backer" on the EP to show the world what you have done for us.

Vivace ($500 - $749.99): Live Hawkapella Concert & Q&A
Hawkapella Live! Come to one of our rehearsals for two hour open rehearsal and Q&A with the guys. Be able to hear your favorite songs, see what happens behind the scenes, and be an honorary part of the Hawkapella family! We'll also upgrade the "Backer" credit up to "Donor" in our liner notes. Hawkapella will contact each contributor at this level to plan a live concert for all contributors at this level. The concert will be held from 7 PM and 9 PM on a Thursday or Sunday during the semester.

Vivacissimo ($750 - $999.99): New England Hawkapella Performance
We will upgrade the "Donor" credit to "Sponsor" in our liner notes and Hawkapella will travel to your New England location for a performance! Whether it be a wedding, celebration, or just a private backyard performance, we will bring the music and the fun to you. Must be within three hours travel time of Lowell and must be used before May 1, 2017. Hawkapella will reach out to each contributor at this level to plan performances.

Presto ($1,000 - $1,999.99): Choose a Song for 2017-2018
You will be the first non-Hawkapella member to choose a song that Hawkapella will perform in the 2017-2018 season! Choose a song that you want to hear Hawkapella sing, and our arrangers will make it happen next year. You will also be credited as a "Benefactor" on the EP.

Prestissimo ($2,000 or more): Sing With Us At NoA7
You have gone above and beyond to support us, and we consider you an honorary member of Hawkapella. At Hawkapella's 7th Annual Night of A Cappella, you will be invited onstage to sing with us and be honored as our "Producer." We will figure out what song you want to sing with us and give you your spot in the Hawkapella spotlight!

Competitions, Livestreams, and Snow Days!

Hi all! We just finished our first-ever participation in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella at Tufts University! We competed as a part of the Northeast Region's Tufts University Quarterfinal and had a blast performing our specially made 11-minute, three-song-mashup set. Although we will not be moving on to semifinals, we are excited to be shifting our focus back to our EP campaign (after a much deserved nap)! Luckily, Mother Nature is granting us a snow day tomorrow, so we can rest and refocus for the rest of the semester!

We are excited to announce that Hawkapella will be hosting lifestreams via Facebook Live in the next few weeks! We will be posting dates and times (usually Thursday or Sunday nights) a week or so ahead of time. We will be setting goals for donations on this page for you to unlock special Hawkapella content that is in development or behind-the-scenes!

Thank you for bearing with us throughout this campaign! Perk fulfillment will begin as soon as formal production on the EP is finished, and we are so excited to share with you everything we have done thus far! Please share the page on social media, feel free to contact us at Hawkapella@uml.edu if you have any questions, and we look forward to singing for you!

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