Hawkapella's 10 Year Anniversary Album!

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Hawkapella always strives to put a smile on the audiences faces, no matter where or how you listen to us! Help us reach our goal of $2500 to aid in the release of our 10 year celebration album, so we can guarantee a smile on your face! This project will be a culmination of 10 years of Hawkapella, portrayed through an album that describes who we are as musicians and brothers. Through the recording process, all members are to engage in a learning experience that exposes us to the music industry, budgeting skills, time management, and scheduling – along with the values of vocal music and performance. 

In the album, Hawkapella will feature prominent music from our past, as well as exploring some current and new repertoire. One such example of important repertoire is our alumni song, “And So It Goes,” by Billy Joel. This song was arranged by our founder and holds great meaning to every single one of our brothers, and our 10 year celebration could not be complete without it. Hawkapella has been going to great lengths to record our alumni song, with as many voices from our vast pool of over 50 alumni as possible. We want them all to share this momentous occasion with us, and we want to be able to share something we hold so dear with all of you as well.

 This album will be a perfect representation of Hawkapella; who we were, who we are, and who we will become in the years to come. Currently, 7 of the 10 songs have been recorded, and they have all proven to be such rewarding, challenging, emotional, and memorable experiences. We are proud to be working with recording engineer (and Hawkapella alumnus) Graham Allen, along with production and recording engineers from The Vocal Company; Johnny DelToro, Hannah Tobias, Chris Brody, and mastering engineer Dave Sperandio from Vocal Mastering. Hawkapella is very proud that every arrangement we sing and record has been done “in house.” We are comprised of talented musicians with extensive training, and therefore everything we sing is branded as the “Hawkapella sound.” The album release is set for April 2019, where we will distribute on all major digital streaming and purchasing platforms, as well as in CD form. Please help us with our final push on the home stretch, and reach our goal to share our music with you!

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