GiveDay 2020

This campaign was
funded on October 19, 2020!

October 15 will be our fifth annual GiveDay (rescheduled from April 9), but our tradition of giving started 117 years ago when Dr. Josephus and Sarah Hopwood founded Lynchburg with a gift of $100.

Since then, our students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends have come together to support our school and community. GiveDay is your chance to show your support for all you know and love about Lynchburg.

Join in celebrating our history, our new president, and our future and show your love for Lynchburg — a community of innovation and collaboration, leadership, and inclusive excellence.

Top Priorities


While you’re always welcome to direct your gift to whatever is most meaningful to you, gifts to the Lynchburg Fund support all aspects of the Lynchburg experience. New this year, donors have the opportunity to split their gift 50/50 between two different funds. Don’t see the area you wish to support in our list of funds? Select “Other” when making your gift and write in the fund of your choosing.

Hobbs-Sigler Science Hall Renovations

The Hobbs-Sigler Science Hall initiative will help make it possible for Lynchburg students and faculty to continue to excel in the sciences. The renovations include a new roof, conference room, and a new active-learning classroom and laboratory.  

Five for the Hive Athletics Upgrades

The “Five for the Hive” initiative will support student-athletes in achieving excellence on the field and on the court. Upgrades will include modernized seating in Turner Gymnasium, improvements to Moon and Fox fields, enhancement of the tennis courts, and a video scoreboard and pavilion enclosure for Shellenberger Field. 



We’ll be featuring several challenges as part of GiveDay 2020. Check back for more announcements and opportunities to have your gift matched, or create your own challenge or match to encourage others to give! 

The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation is currently matching donations for the Hobbs-Sigler Science Hall Renovations and “Five for the Hive” Athletics Upgrades initiatives, dollar for dollar, up to $75,000 for each initiative for a total of $150,000!

**9:30 PM UPDATE** Hobbs-Sigler Science Hall Renovations: $16,500 remaining to meet challenge

**9:30 PM UPDATE** “Five for the Hive” Athletics Upgrades: $13,000 remaining to meet challenge

**3:45 PM UPDATE**  We have met our Board of Trustees $20,000 Challenge! Thank you! 

Remember you can also become an Advocate and create your own challenge or match to inspire others to give!


Social Media GiveDay Contest

Let's have some fun, Lynchburg! To participate, share a photo for one (or more) of the categories below on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Make sure you use the appropriate hashtags and make it a public post.

After GiveDay, we will select one winner from each category and the Office of Advancement will contribute $200 to the program or fund of the winner’s choice.


Post a photo of you in your favorite Lynchburg swag, gear or attire! Use #LynchburgGiveDay and #LynchburgSwag.


Post a photo of your pet wearing Lynchburg apparel or accessories. Use #LynchburgGiveDay and #LynchburgPets.


Share a photo of your kids in Lynchburg gear. Use #LynchburgGiveDay and #LilHornets.


Post a photo of couples in Lynchburg apparel. Use #LynchburgGiveDay and #LynchburgLove.


Share a photo of a family that has multiple generations of Lynchburg students. Use #LynchburgGiveDay and #LynchburgLegacy.



US Donor Map

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
2024 173$17,145
2022 126$10,532
2023 112$6,335
2021 101$20,765
2019 57$3,030
2018 41$1,839
2017 40$1,645
2016 37$1,968
2020 37$2,380
2010 27$2,260
2013 27$2,055
2014 27$2,361
2015 25$1,169
2011 20$1,945
2012 20$1,675
2005 17$1,917
1986 17$5,728
2008 16$2,175
1975 16$2,101
2007 16$1,480
2009 16$2,695
1968 15$1,493
1973 15$2,175
1972 14$1,145
1997 14$1,205
2006 14$2,005
2003 14$1,765
1974 14$2,629
1971 13$6,520
1985 13$1,480
1990 13$3,367
1982 13$2,348
1993 12$2,640
1991 11$1,350
1978 11$1,415
1998 11$980
1960 11$2,290
2004 11$1,790
2001 10$975
1964 10$1,950
1969 10$3,200
1979 10$2,017
1987 10$3,040
1966 9$1,475
1984 9$2,325
1999 9$1,700
1967 9$1,025
1996 9$1,315
2002 9$840
1994 8$700
1988 8$1,800
1976 8$550
1980 7$2,453
1970 7$2,075
1959 7$967
1981 7$805
1957 7$725
1995 7$1,310
1965 7$2,000
1983 6$942
2000 6$5,300
1962 5$1,200
1989 5$451
1956 5$1,475
1992 5$1,030
1977 4$1,075
1961 4$225
1951 3$300
1963 2$1,050
1949 2$200
2025 2$350
1953 1$50
1954 1$100
1955 1$200
1952 1$100
2031 1$25
1948 1$1,000

Donor affiliations

44% Alumni

Show Alumni

17% Students

Show Students

21% Parents

Show Parents

13% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

11% Friends

Show Friends

Donor list

Amy Legge
Connie Covey
Thomas and Patricia Mignogna
Gary & Denise Mignogna
Laura Merkle
Shannon Hauschild
Martha Coulter Engstler
Justin Elkin
Anne Gibbons
Joey Devlin
Pamela Hall
Lindsay Seymour
Sarah Coronel
Mary Garner
Paige Gadsby Tomek
Robert Wittstadt
Catherine Adams
Emily Brown
Joe Hutzler
Emily Brown
Brandan Connor
Peter Newbould
Haley Bates
Kayley Cox
Gregory Wilson
Kimberly Alfaro
Dawn Simmons
David Ottignon
Cassie Clevinger
Genevieve Neuwirth
Cletus Harkins-Gorman
Jillian Guerra
Stuart Mattfield
Anne Clair


Top Priorities Leaderboard

"Five for the Hive" Athletics Upgrades252$36,832
Hobbs-Sigler Hall Science Renovations101$26,516
The Lynchburg Fund278$44,605

Athletics Leaderboard

Club Sports47$820
Soccer - Women's52$4,559
Soccer - Men's56$3,301
Lacrosse - Women's55$5,194
Lacrosse - Men's164$28,065
Field Hockey117$18,518
Cross Country & Track and Field - Women's30$1,195
Cross Country & Track and Field - Men's47$1,870
Basketball - Women's39$2,938
Basketball - Men's35$5,533
Athletics - Athletic Training25$1,535
Athletic Director's Champions Fund13$795

Academic Programs and Support Leaderboard

Westover Honors College23$1,365
School of Visual and Performing Arts20$2,171
School of Social Sciences12$640
School of Sciences23$1,915
School of Humanities12$605
Lynchburg College of Arts and Sciences36$3,132
College of Health Sciences23$2,428
College of Education, Leadership Studies, and Counseling18$1,715
College of Business19$2,477

Institutional Opportunities Leaderboard

The Endowment13$1,225
Student Organizations Support7$430
Rev. Goldie Canody Jones Blair Trailblazer Book Fund14$910
Office of Equity and Inclusion23$2,157
Lynchburg Crisis Response Fund179$25,880
Historic Sandusky12$1,375
Friends of Daura11$2,335
Fraternity Sorority Life Programming and Development8$361
Claytor Nature Center22$2,820
Center for Global Education8$875
Bonner Leader Program7$270
Amy Jacobs photoAmy Jacobs matched $25
Sarah Rhodes photoSarah Rhodes matched $50
E Stewart Coleman matched $100
Mike Bonnette photoMike Bonnette matched $100
Becca Hatcher photoRebecca Hatcher matched $100
Ellen Thompson photoEllen Thompson matched $125
Ellen Thompson photoEllen Thompson matched $125
Takashi Maie photoTakashi Maie matched $125
Erika Mork photoErika Mork matched $125
Christine Terry photoChristine Terry matched $150
Bill Lokar photoWilliam Lokar matched $200
Mike Coco matched $200
Trish Cerulli photoTrish Cerulli matched $250
Scott Zaring matched $250
Rebecca & Jim Wetherly matched $250
Kelli Rainey photoKelli Rainey matched $500
E Stewart Coleman matched $750
President Morrison-Shetlar photoAlison Morrison-Shetlar matched $1,000
E Stewart Coleman matched $1,000
E Stewart Coleman matched $1,200
Byron May photoByron & Diana May matched $1,250
Tracy Epps gave $25
Sarah Rhodes photoSarah Rhodes gave $50
Lynchburg Strength & Conditioning photoEd Smith gave $100
Candice Ferguson photoCandice Ferguson gave $100 because $100 was donated in 1 day.
Jennie Waering gave $100
Tom Burrowes photoThomas Burrowes gave $200
Byron May photoByron & Diana May gave $1,250
An Anonymous Donor gave $8,000