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Giving Day 2023
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Support action within our students this Giving Day!  

“There’s a risk involved in taking action, but the greater risk tends to lie in what will occur if we do not take action” - current University of La Verne Law professor, Placido Gomez. 

Let those words sit with you. It's popular to think about what will happen if we do take action, which is a great perspective to have, but what tends to motivate more is viewing what will happen if we do not take action.   

Our students have chosen to take action and this takes bravery. They are individuals who have decided to take action to pursue their goals and strive to achieve their dreams.   

Let’s rally and take action for the brave Leos pursuing their dreams today! 

Team Action

Watch this video about the relationship between risk and taking action by University of La Verne Law professor, Placido Gomez.

245 days ago by Yasmin

245 days ago by Yasmin


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