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Giving Day 2023
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The High 5 Challenge is a special challenge during Giving Day and is all about supporting our student-athletes. Your gift of $5 or more to any of our athletic funds counts as a high 5. The more athletic funds you support, the more high 5's you give! 

Our goal is 367 high 5's which is a high 5 for every student-athlete! They've been working hard and a high 5 from you will go a long way. 

Our teams are competing to see who can get the most high 5's per roster size. The team with the most high 5’s per roster wins $1,000, second place wins $750, and third place wins $250.

Donations go a long way for our athletic teams, from trips across the country to new gear – your gift of any amount makes a big difference in the lives of our athletes! 

Let's keep it going Leos!

We're rounding the corner and have reached our goal of 367 High 5's, one for every student-athlete! So far Women's Golf is in the lead, followed by Men's Golf!

407 days ago by Yasmin
Only 58 High 5's to go!

Only 58 High 5's to give until every La Verne athlete has received one! Let's go, Leos!

407 days ago by Yasmin
We've passed 200 High 5's!

Continue to help us reach 367 High 5's! Go Leos!

407 days ago by Yasmin

High 5 Challenge
High 5'sDonorsRaised ($)Goal (Donors)%
Men's Golf58$1,3258725.0%
Women's Cross Country6$1206100.0%
Women's Swimming & Diving12$4517171.4%
Women's Track & Field9$2502931.0%
Men's Track & Field12$2353336.4%
Men's Water Polo17$70114121.4%
Men's Soccer11$2453135.5%
Women's Golf61$7848762.5%
Men's Swimming & Diving17$34811154.5%
Women's Soccer71$3,27028253.6%
Women's Basketball69$1,02524287.5%
Men's Cross Country6$3001637.5%
Women's Water Polo32$1,97516200.0%
Men's Basketball10$5901855.6%
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